MJ Newbie needs advice please!

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    Hi there - I have only just started looking at Marc Jacobs bags, normally hang out at the LV forum...anyway I came across this bag on our local site and am guessing it was one of those gift with purchase deals. I am trying to decide whether to withdraw from the auction or not...I don't have any patent black bags, but am uncertain whether these types (giveaways) are good quality or not.

    Any advice gratefully accepted. Thanks so much!!:heart:

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    I've never seen that bag before in any promos or advertisements...

    Regarding quality, I think you'll get what you pay for. It might be higher quality than a bag you would find at Target (or your Local Department store) but not by much.

    All of my freebie bags have held up well! But they certainly don't hold up as nicely as the collection bags :biggrin:
  3. Thank you - would definitely not expect top quality at all, hopefully the seller puts up an interior pic soon, probably will give a better idea...was being a bit impulsive really, which is why I decided it best to check it out with the experts :yes:
  4. it could be a special items bag...they are typically under $75 and are man-made materials. i'm not sure that this *is* special items since that tag is different, so hopefully someone will know for sure. I don't know anything about the quality of these but $25 prob isn't too bad...but i prob wouldn't pay much more.
  5. i can't access the link. can anyone do a copy and paste job for me please?
  6. Nvm!
  7. I would have to venture to say it is most likely not authentic...
  8. Thanks everyone - I am going to withdraw my bid - would rather get the real thing than a real cheapie (especially for a first bag)!

    I really appreciate the help - have a fantastic day!! :yes::heart:
  9. this is most likely not authentic patent LEATHER. it probably is leather-like or vinyl like the MBMJ Special Items.
  10. why not hang around here a bit and look around at marc jacobs bags, marc can be VERY ADDICTING! AND WE are a nice bunch! WELCOME
  11. it is a authentic bag of MJ who purchase MJ fragrance
  12. look like it is for New Zealand only
  13. Thanks for educating me (another MBMJ newbie) about this stuff, too! :smile:

    I just have a quick question: If I want to buy several of the special items on the MJ website, can I just call a boutique and buy over the phone? I see some really cute stuff!

  14. Yes, the boutique will be able to ship it to your for $20 Fedex. It's worth it if you're going to pick up a lot of goodies.
  15. Thanks, thithi! I appreciate your help. :smile: