MJ newbie..help please!

  1. hey all, mj bags are on sale in bloomies, and i have a load of private sale coupons, but i dont know where to start loll/ i tried on a bunch of their satchel like bags but they were so big and bulky, ive never had that kind of bag before and i know im not use to it, but my arm was awkardly draped over it.

    then i saw this metalic squarish tote which was like 278, it was decent, but i didnt know about the gold metallic. what bags do you reccomend from him at a decent price? or at least where to start lol.
  2. im looking for either a small/medimum tote type of bag, a squarish/rectangular bag, or a satchel type of bag that isnt awkward under my arm.. thanks all!
  3. if you are used to Coach leather bags then you will love MJ. Some MJ bags can be as low as 60%. I recommend something basic like a Sophia, Stella or Multipocket. These are the classic MJ styles. Newer ones are the stam, bowler and bridgette. Go to the MJ website to take a look @ a few. I can't seem to post links right now

  4. okay thanks! appreciate it.
  5. is this just in store sale?
    coz i dont see very many online
  6. store sale. problem is is that all of my SAs are in riverside, and they have such a small collection of hand bags cause their renovating and stuff :sad:(
  7. that actually has been particularly annoying. it seems like a lot of bloomies are remodeling and so do not have their usual extensive selection of certain brands.

    just to be sure, are you talking about marc by marc jacobs because i saw this metallic tote that i thought was pretty cute.
  8. I think the multipocket is a good intro. bag if you are new to MJ. Very simple, but seems like it's the basic bag he builds off of. just my two cents.
  9. I too have sometimes been surprised with the size and heaviness of MJ bags. I think the multipocket is a really nice bag and the size is just right- so cute too.

    Have the MJ bags been marked down again? (I shouldn't even go there)
  10. no their not, except for some satchels that are roughly larger then my taurso lol.
  11. lol im not even sure, i think we could be talking about the same one, if you saw it there it was next to this HUGE shopper bag. im thinking of the second smallest stam..maybe..not sure.. tote was nice too i just dont want to get a bag that would go out of season..