MJ Natasha Mini - not sure which one?!

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  1. I've been wanting to purchase the Marc Jacobs Natasha Mini in black for a little while and finally came across it on sale on Nordstrom Rack so I am ready to commit to it!
    The only thing is, there are two separate listings on the site: they have different style numbers and lining materials.

    This one has the style number M0005338 and a textile lining.

    This one has the style number M0009409 and has a fabric lining.

    Does anyone know the difference between how these bags look in person and can make a recommendation on which one to buy? Would there be a difference in quality between the two? I know a lot of people recommend the classic mini over the New Q but I believe it is the new version that is on sale here, I'm just confused as they look the same in the pics but are apparently different.

    I live in Australia so will be buying online and don't want to have to worry about return hassles.
  2. They look exactly the same to me.
  3. Hello, May I ask witch one you bought? I am looking at the new one in Bicester, and can't see the difference:smile:
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