MJ Multipockets - quilted or not?

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  1. hi, does anyone know if the quilted multipocket (with the chain) is the same size as the small calf multipocket? also, does the one with the chain fall lower on the body than the calf one? It looks like the chain strap is longer than the leather strap. Which do you like better and why? Thanks!
  2. i like the non quilted MP better! nice smooth leather.... looks like something i can cuddle =)

    the quilted one is a very different look. Probably more high fashion look so it depends on your style. I tried it on once and the chain hurt my shoulders (i have shoulder problems). =(
  3. I have the quilted. I haven't worn it enough to notice any discomfort yet. I just got it back last week. I imagine that if I loaded it it and carried it for a couple of hours, it would hurt, but I like it. I love that it dresses up a simple outfit.
  4. I agree, it can hurt if you wear it for a while. The chain strap is longer than the traditional soft calf MPs, so it does hang a bit lower, but not too noticeably.
  5. well, this is an interesting point you all bring up! i hadn't even thought of the heaviness of it. i do put quite a lot in my bags. how long do you think it can be carried before it starts to really hurt?:wtf:
  6. Maybe a few hours, I only notice if I've been shopping for a while. I think this is common with most chain bags, because it happens with my Gucci Capri too and the bag itself is very light.