MJ Multipocket

  1. All you multipocket fans out there what color and size do you own, and why do you like this bag, be specific Post pics wearing or showcasing.
  2. I have an Oat MP I bought at anniversary sale.
  3. I have two small MP in spearmint and yellow. I love them b/c they go with so many different outfits, are so cute and hold tons of stuff.
  4. That yellow is gorgeous!
  5. ^^ Thank you! I was suprised at how neutral of a color it was and I am able to work it in with so many outfits! I love your oat MP too! That color is great, I have a MJ in that color too.
  6. They don't get too many MPs at my Nordies and that's where I do my MJ shopping. I think I might need to start calling up the MJ store.
  7. Great looking bags. I have my eye on a black one for fall/winter.
  8. Where can I find a black MP? Do I have to special order it? I never see it on dept. store websites or on MarcJacobs.com...
  9. You can call Marc Jacobs up and ask them. Or call up Nordies or Bloomies and see if they can find one for you. There might be one lurking around.
  10. I have that one in my watch list. I would go for it. It's a great color.
  11. Thanks for your help- I placed a bid. I'll have to wait and see if I win it, though!

    If I do win, should I have it authenticated?
  12. I've read that CoCo Closet (this seller's store) is a very reliable source for authentic MJ bags. I've been admiring it for quite a while too. Good luck!
  13. Good Luck! I don't think you'll need to get it authenticated beyond your own eyes if you get it.
  14. Janos, hope you will get this Red MP. =) Yup, the seller is reputable for authentic items. Selena has this exact bag in the large version, it's very stunning.