MJ Multipocket

  1. I am looking for a large multipocket in gold, caramel or red. If anyone happens to come across one please let me know. If it is not the colors I listed still let me know I may be interested.
  2. I think Net-A-Porter has some in the gold, and possibly BG as well, but I am not sure which size they are. I have two large MPs on the way...one blueberry and one denim. One of those will go back to MJ in California if you like the blues.
  3. Here is the blueberry MJ...it finally came! It is a cadet blue color, not as light or as teal as it looks in the pics. I will get the denim tomorrow and I will post pics under a new thread for comparison! The color is actually pretty, but the white edging really bugs me. I have to say, whoever packed my bag did an amazing job...the tissue paper alone was a work of art!
    BlueberryMJinside.jpg BlueberryMJoutsidefront.jpg BlueberryMJoutsideside.jpg
  4. Great looing bag! The color is different but yet classy. Do you have any recommendations of a SA?
  5. Nordstrom has the small and large multipocket in oat and black on sale.
  6. I called the San Francisco boutique and talked first to Joann and then the next day she was off and I spoke to someone else (and I can't recall her name offhand :shame:smile: but they were both really nice and helpful...I would recommend either of them. A guy answered the phone once, and he did not seem helpful. Not sure what that was about.
  7. That's a gorgeous shade of blue! Can't wait till the denim gets here for pics as well. I see what u mean about the white edging, ET, although I must admit, I looked first at your pics before reading your post and I didn't focus on the white until I after, lol! So it wasn't something that stood out to me. But now that you've pointed it out...

    Was this on sale at all?
  8. ET, If you are looking forward to a lighter or teal-color without white edging, Denim will be it. Can't wait for you to get it tomorrow as well, hope you will love one of them. =)

  9. Love the photos and can't wait for more. :smile:
  10. I wonder which color would look better with jeans? Slacks? And sadly no...not on sale! MJ said they never put this bag on sale because it is part of the classic line. The good news is that the size is good! Now just waiting for FedEx to deliver the denim so I can get more pics and make a decision! I will have a new bag to take shopping when I visit my sis in KC this weekend!
  11. Which Nordstroms?
  12. All of them should. It's for their anniversary sale. However my Nordies is Towson Town Center, MD.
  13. Thanks!
  14. Oh...I posted pics of the denim and blueberry together on a separate thread. (If you have not found it already!) They are both amazing!
  15. Janicemp, Would you be interested in Small MP? I am told by a Nordies SA that her store will get Small MP in Caramel for the Anniversary Sale (see below).

    Small MP: Black, Caramel, Oatmeal
    Large MP: Black
    Venetia: Black
    Blake: Black