MJ Multipocket

  1. Multipocket fans what do you like and dislike about your bag? Is it user friendly and how heavy is it? Also what color do you recommend.
  2. I have two Multis a Large Ferrari Red and a small dark denim. Both are comfortable and not heavy. The large can get heavy if you wear it for more then 4 hours. I love the leather multis...
  3. Selena, can you post a pic of your large multipocket? I think this is going to be my new obsession (well, this and the Birkin). Where can I find one? Preferably one that I can order online or by phone, since there are no stores here! TIA!
  4. Hold on I will get a picture of it for you.
  5. Here she is:
    She is the LARGE Ferrari Red Multipocket 2005
  6. Thanks! So how big is the large? Is this the same style that was in The Devil Wears Prada? And where can I get one?
  7. I have two sport multi-pockets. I can fit my LV wallet, LV checkbook, LV key case, LV cles, another checkbook, and two phones in there easily. It gets a little too bulky when I put my digital camera and make-up case in there.
    I think the best thing about the multipockets is that they are not heavy to carry. The weight is distributed so nicely.
    Plus, you can't beat their hardware. I have never taken pictures of them, but can if you want to see.
  8. oooo coachwife can you pretty please post pics??:yes:
  9. Me too!
  10. I will go take some photos. BRB.
  11. The light-colored one is the Sport Multipocket and the material is calf and the color is petal.

    I don't know about the black, but it's nylon and it's the same size. I am the second owner. The first owner is JILL (of course).
    changes.JPG changes2.JPG changes3.JPG changes4.JPG
  12. ^AWE! HI MJ MULTIPOCKETS!!!!!!!!

    Your old mommy says HI!!!! LOL!
  13. ^BTW- That black one was my VERY FIRST MJ bag...memories...LMAO....
  14. They ask about you every day. LOL.
  15. ^sniff...give'em a squeeze for me..LOL