MJ Multipocket

  1. I am no expert on authenticity but it concerns me that she has a lot of high end designer bags for really low prices. The Prada pushlock bags retail for about $1,000.00 I think. I would steer clear of this one. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  2. uh...no..I have this bag and leather is mushier.....doesnt look like this at all....
    ps-I have it in Black nylon and leather...and light pink...for sale.(in WTS thread!).just make an offer if you are interested...Jill needs 2 more new bags this week...HEE!HEE!......hubby will kill me if I spend anymore...!!!LOL!
  3. Private listing? Fake. That's a pretty good rule of thumb.
  4. I don't know about this auction (her prices are very low and so would red flag this seller) but just wanted to comment on the private listing thing. Actually, as a buyer, I appreciate the private listings. Quite a few legit sellers use this for high-end branded items. This is to protect the bidders from spam by unscrupulous peddlers (usually of fakes). These ppl will check out a high-end listing and look thru the bidder's list to then email all those bidders that they also have the same item for sale but LOTS cheaper, etc, etc... Some yrs ago, I bid on an authentic LV bag and for weeks after, got spammed by all these ppl wanting me to check out their website, or offering to sell me LVs for a lower price. Now if there were a high-end item I wanted to bid on, I'll only do it if it's a private listing, unless it's something I really MUST have and have no other choice.

    If the seller's feedback is private, then that I don't trust.
  5. ^^^ I agree with the above statement.
    If the seller keeps their feedback hidden it sends me running for the hills.
  6. Ladies, thanks for your input/comments!
  7. The bag looks too puffy to be a multi pocket. It should be slouchier- and I don't think its because its stuffed. The leather looks off.
  8. I am no expert but i just purschased this bag and it is much sloucher also, she is pretty small sized lady and i am a size 14/16 the size looks off. Like its too small. Under my arm its huge.. Iam trying to get my digital camera too work if i can, i will show you a pic.

    Hope this helps..
  9. Yes, pls. post pics! And this small multi pocket is still available in stores? Would you know what colors are available? Thanks!!:smile: :smile: