Mj & Mulberry Sale @ Barneys!

  1. Just a heads up... Misc Mulberries and MJ are back on the Barney's website and are 40-50% off!!!:yahoo: I went looking last week and debated about purchasing a bag or two. By Sunday evening many were gone, but today Bayswater, Roxanne's and several others are back.:nuts:
    Have fun and just keep telling yourself it is a Christmas gift for someone:shame:
  2. Sweeet!!!! Thanks!
  3. Awesome...will check it out right now!! Thanks!!!
  4. hurray thanks so much for the info!
  5. Thank you for the info!
    The Mulberry Rio Patchwork Bayswater is on sale... sooo tempted :crybaby:
  6. Glad I am ablt to help support my fellow purse addicts!:party:
  7. is there a free shipping code?
  8. It is automatic FREE SHIPPING on all items (over $100.00) as Barney's Christmas gift to everyone! Go Shop:yahoo: