MJ mouse flats/ slingbacks - sold out?

  1. Are the Marc Jacobs mouse flats (the ones with actual mouse face on them) sold out? I couldn´t find them in my normal size in Finland and bought a size up after the SA convinced me that they run small, but they´re just too big for me even with insoles :crybaby:

    I really want a pair in size 39, so if anyone has seen these in store (preferably within EU to avoid extra costs) lately let me know, please :flowers: I have been trying to find a pair on ebay too, but so far no luck. I really hope I manage to get my hands on a pair that is the right size as I love them :yes:
  2. have you tried brown's? they had them at the beginning at least. i'm surprised she said they run small, my friend went down half a size in them. there are some on ebay in a 38.5 but they look a bit grubby..
  3. I'm pretty sure atleast 80% of them are fake on ebay. Lol and i'm STILL looking for a pair myself. :[
  4. Hi!

    I've been looking for some mouse flats myself, and I saw that there's a huge range of prices on ebay - how do you know which ones are real, which ones are fake?!?! Someone please explain to me how they decide prices on ebay...thanks!!!
  5. what color did you get?

    the patent white/black are sold out everywhere but you can still get a pair of the suede ones.
  6. I didn't get any yet - still not too sure about using ebay until I figure out more about it. I was thinking the white patent ones though - do they have full flats instead of the slingback? Also, I see black/white patent on ebay, but since you say they are sold out, does that mean they are probably fake/2nd hand?