MJ Mouse flats at nordies 1/2 off!

  1. ugh! not my size or i missed my size. 38.5 white spots!
  2. Same here, wish they were a 39. I'm assuming MJ shoes still run small
  3. ^ Yes, they run .5 sizes small.

    I don't really like the white with spots. :sad: I think some of the other ones are cute though.
  4. omg *sob* i've been wanting these so bad :sad: not my size!
  5. ^just did a live chat - they were website exclusive - so all you 38.5's should snap those up!
  6. So cute!
  7. You need to size up 1/2 to 1 size in these.
  8. gone :sad:
  9. Darn! I was hoping to find a 7.5 since my 7's are a little too small. :sad:
  10. AHHH!!!!!!!!!! I want these so badly!!! :wtf::crybaby:
  11. No!!!! They're Gone :sad:
  12. omg!!
    i want oneee.. so is this really online only? :sad:
  13. ^yeah it is :sad: i livechatted someone yesterday and that's what she said. I'm so sad I missed these - been itching for a pair!