MJ Mouse Bag

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  1. I'm deciding between a black baby stam or a mouse coloured one, but I'd like to see the mouse colour in other bags. Please post your pics!
  2. I don't have a mouse colored bag, but if it is the same as graphite, it is gorgeous. I have seen a graphite bag IRL and loved it. I think it is going to be a great color for Fall - but if you don't have a black bag in your collection, you may want to stick with black. A black stam is classic.
  3. I don't own an MJ bag in the Mouse color, but I did see the Stam Hobo in this color at Saks and it is very pretty!
  4. Please see this thread:


    It shows both the graphite and mouse colors.

    I actually ordered a Mouse Stam, but when I got it, I HATED the color. While I think it's neutral enough to go with everything, something about it IRL was off for me. It's definitely a gray color with a brown undertone. I resembled "mud" (to me) and just seemed very dull. I would personally go with the black little stam.
  5. ITA with SuLi. =)

  6. To me, Graphite looks so much better than Mouse in real life. =)
    It works really well with Soft Calf leather.
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