MJ Most Wanted Bag???

  1. What's MJ Most Wanted Bag ????

    either it's Celebrity Bag , or a bag with a waiting list , or you just think it's the Best Bag !!!!

    ( MJ Bags spring\summer 2007 or Fall 2007 ) ...


  2. i think the stams have caused the most frenzy out of all the mj bags. the 05 petrol stam became really popular after lindsay lohan was pictured carrying it, and it was one of the harder to find colors.

    my personal favorites are the venetia, stella, and the bags from the striping line.
  3. I'd have to say the stam, for sure! The SAs at all the marc stores and even Neimans always tell me it's their best seller. But mostly, I just love it and it's my personal favorite!
  4. My most wanted is a 3 way tie b/t the Stam, quilted Elise and the Hudson. This is really hard since I love so many MJ bags.
  5. I have been looking for YEARS for an original Stella in Grape. I know that they exist...I have seen photos. But, this is my most elusive bag. If I ever find it, I'll be able to stop trolling eBay!
  6. The Lilac Stam.....and Petrol Blue Stam...

    I think Stams were the most wanted bag because its fun, yet edgy and classy all at the same time without being too serious. i loveeeeee the huge kisslock!!

    also, easy access to all your stuff. i love the huge view of everything thats in my bag.
  7. A brand new venetia with NICKEL h/w
  8. I have to agree with most of the ladies here, it's the stam but I'm seriously in love with Venetia and mp (both small and large) :love:
  9. i agree w/ everyone about the stam

    but my fav (so far) is my venetia. I love that it's not to deep and its kinda thin so all your stuff don't flop all around. I'm an organized kind of person :o) and not to mention it looks GREAT!

    I have a stella coming :yahoo:so not sure about it, but everything i've heard is good!

    I really loved my sm bowler! it was the perfect size, maybe a tad small, but i will def. have another one! maybe the large one...:graucho:
  10. For me it is the Blake in Emerald green from 04 I think - I had it but I got stolen from me! Still seaching for the right replacement :confused1:
  11. ^^ That's horrible !! :tdown: I'm so sorry that happened to you.
  12. The Venetia.
  13. definitely stam for me too!!!!! i LOVE that bag. so gorgeous. anyone know what the price it goes for on eBay or something?
  14. definitely the stam as well although the crazy amount of knockoffs circling the streets is really killing it. i saw a pretty great knockoff for $40 and it makes me feel like even if someone were to buy the real thing, somebody else would just assume it'd be fake.

    also, randomly saw that on bagborrowsteal, its denoted as an everyday bag!? members pay $30 for the week! could have swore that bag would have been diva level or whatever.

  15. I agree with everyone that the stam is the most popular...but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the venetia!!!! my venetia with nickel hardware woohoo