MJ Moss color

  1. I want to know everyones honest opinion on the MJ bowler in Moss if they've seen it, i'm thinking of purchasing but i'm not sure on the color I really wanted Black but I can't find it!

  2. I have a moss color teri tote and I really like it! But if you really wanted black I saw Nordstrom website has one available :jammin:
  3. I saw lady wearing a patent Moss tote over the summer, and it was stunning! I have not seen the Moss bowler irl, though.
  4. oh I totally forgot there are 2 different lines:push::push::push: The MJ Moss is bright green and MMJ moss is darker olive green. Actually I like both! If you are looking for black MJ quilted bowler I just saw one at Saks Beverly Hills two days ago :shame:
  5. Hamgg you are a gem:yahoo:... I really wanted the black I just ordered it from Nordstrom its my first MMJ bag and I fell in love with it a while ago... I was suppose to be my xmas gift but then I went on vacation and when I came back last week its sold out everywhere!!!
    I was going to get it off ebay in Moss but I don't like ebay because of all the fakes so i'm glad Nordies had it!
  6. I like the M by MJ moss bowler. It would go with most colors, and the leather is so soft and not heavy.
  7. Here is an example of the Moss patent from eLUXURY(great price too)!

  8. ^^^^oooh, very nice!!:drool:
  9. I saw a MJ moss tote on and a moss Zip clutch and I thought they would go SO WELL together!!! It's always better to buy things in pairs because they match!!! MUHAHAHA

    Congrats on finding your black bowler!!
  10. The mbmj moss bowler is really nice--the color is very neutral. And it's different. I think all of the colors in that line are really nice. Actually, I think all of Marc Jacobs' bags are beautiful colors. I may not love EVERY design of his but he makes great color choices.
  11. They do have great colors... I want to find a wallet in a bright color since I purchased the bowler in black I like when my wallets stand out! I might even get the billfold in moss!
  12. i have the bowler in moss. here are some pics i've taken of it in daylight and in indoor lighting....it's definately lighter than the moss MJ used in his marc by marc jacobs terry turnlock line
    Projectresize1.jpg 20061005_0091Wresize.jpg