Mj Morning Show

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  1. [Sorry if this is already a thread on this, I searched and didn't find any!]

    Does anyone else listen to MJ in the morning? I just love his show and crew. I find them so entertaining. My bf says he can't stand MJ bc he talks too much LOL. My favorite is Froggy, he cracks me up..

    Do you like them? No?
  2. Sorry, I can't stand that show- I am with your boyfriend! I have a new vehicle now w/ XM, so I don't listen to normal radio, so, I am spared from it.

    I find MJ to be really annoying and that's all I will say. The rest of them don't appeal to me either. I really am at a loss as to why the show is so popular in so many markets! I guess it is just me?
  3. Haha. Yea everyone is entitled to their opinions. I just think they are funny. I guess they must be doing something right to be so popular. I too though didn't know they were as popular as they are..
  4. They have a large market share and are in many areas. You are correct, they've got the show down to a science that really appeals to certain groups.

    I am probably not the best to speak of morning radio or talk radio, b/c if I am going to listen, I prefer to listen to NPR (or BBC if I can find it). (wow, I sound like a nerd!)
  5. I just hate how he seems to support Bush/Repugs no matter what. Aside from that, he's ok.

    I remember once him talking to his wife about hangbags and how he never knew they costed so much. Basically, she let him think her B Bag was from WalMart.
  6. You dont sound like a nerd! You like what you like!

    I hate that too!

    And I heard when he was talking to Michelle too! It was about a $1500 Balenciaga LOL
  7. Ughhh I hate the MJ morning show and have my reasons....He is very racist against muslims! When I first came down to florida I was listening to the show and he said "I hope muslims eat pork and die" I was in shock! I wrote him an email, but never got a response back...Also He loves using barack obamas middle name "Barack Hussein Obama" He says he want's to let everyone know that Barack is a muslim. The guys a low life.
  8. Im sorry :flowers: