MJ Monogram Animal-Shape Pencil Sharpeners - Yay or Nay?

  1. Not exactly bag-related, but it is under the Accessories section of *************.com (which was voted as one of the "Best of the Web" in People's Stylewatch 2006, according to their site...)

    I actually think these are really cute in a random way :P :heart:.

    $2.25 each


  2. Sorry, but I can't see the photos. I think I know what you are talking about, those are cute! I wouldn't know which one to choose.
  3. ?
  4. what in the world is that website called if it's getting bleeped?

    i've actually seen these IRL, and they're cute! i almost got 2, even though i haven't used a pencil since 7th grade :smile:
  5. I think these are/were $1 in MJ stores.

    They're very cute! I wouldnt use them but I wouldnt mind having them around
  6. Trying to post the pics one more time...


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. ^ those are the ones!! extremely cute!!!
  8. ^ I like them too! :smile:

    They are so cute and colorful... I was thinking of getting one, but just realized that I haven't had to actually use an pencil of the yellow, wooden variety in a long time :P . I'm always just typing or using a mechanical pencil
  9. Get a set! They'll look cute just "standing" on your office table or something. When I was planning on getting some, I just wanted them as display places.

    But yea, I cant remember the last time I used those wooden pencils!
  10. Maybe I'll get a few for my 4th grade students to use. But then again, do I really want them sticking their pencils in my cute little MJ sharpeners?!:P
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