MJ "Mix Quilted Totes"

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  1. I really hope other TPF's can help. I recently bought my first MJ, the "Mix Quilted Tote". After going into the web site for Neiman's, I also noticed the "Quilted Classic Tote". I called online help to ask the dimensions of the classic tote and they do not have any info...Before I use the tote that I bought, I would really like to know the size difference between the two. NM does not have one at the store that I could compare so it would be an order situation. The mix quilted tote is really gorgeous, I bought it in black. Marc Jacobs really knows how to make one fabulous bag! Does anyone have any info? Thank you so much for your help...:shrugs:
  2. ok, so i'm afraid i'm confused. when you say you bought the mix quilted tote, is it this one?


    and the quilted classic tote is this bag:


    the reason i'm confused is that the second bag is usually referred to as the "mix quilted tote," or "mix quilted e/w tote" around here. neiman marcus loves to make up their own names for the bags though. that and mj needs to start getting creative with the names again.

    anyway, the second bag measures 14.5" x 11" x 4.5". i love that bag.
  3. Thank you. Yes, these are the two. I was concerned that the size of the second one would be much smaller than the first but it seems that they are very similiar. I think I like the second one better also, looks like it has a bit more style. Now that I am loving MJ, I wish for a sale soon to get a matching wallet. (I missed the NM sale)...Thank you again for your help.:tup:
  4. I think they are both nice. I love this whole series of bags. The leather is the best. I want something in black from this line. So beautiful!!