mj mix quilted hobo.. anyone have one?


Aug 26, 2008
so cal
i'm thinking of getting this bag in ivory or black. does anyone have one and what do you think of it? would you recommend it?

i'm specifically wondering how the metal chain strap feels on the shoulder. it looks like it might be uncomfortable when carried for a while.

thanks all!

Elle <3

Sep 2, 2008
I have it in ivory and i love it but it's sooo big and super heavy! I never carry it on my shoulder cause the chain isn't all that long and the bag pretty much ends up in my armpit, but carrying it on your arm weighs a ton if you have the usual stuff in it (wallet, sunnies, makeup, etc) so bear that in mind, it can be a little awkward. I love the ivory, it looks really classic with the gold hardware but mines only a week old so it probably does get dirty, especially since it doesn't have feet on the bottom. I'd recommend it but only if you're getting a good price.
Hope this helps!


Jul 3, 2008
Where It's At
I carry it on my shoulder very comfortably as far as strap drop, and I love the LOOK of the chain, but I wouldn't carry it around for a day of shopping or anything. It's actually easier on my shoulder than rolled handles for some reason, but still not as comfy as a leather strap. To me it actually feels pretty light, but maybe that's just b/c I have a stam and recently bought a Hudson which was wayyyyy too heavy for me. Good luck in your decision! It's a beautiful bag, just not the most practical for everyday, IMO. HTH!!