MJ Mia Satchel

  1. I was wondering if anyone has seen this bag in the MJ stores/Neiman Marcus/Bloomingdales:

    Has it been on sale? Does it look good in real life. I'm from Australia and we don't have a marc jacobs store....
  2. This is the pic...

  3. It's an awesome looking bag IRL. Are you going to try to get it?
  4. I'm thinking about it. But everyone keeps asking me to get a stella instead.
  5. one of our members has it. coachwife6. Look @ her pics. I think the Stella is roomier but I may be wrong
  6. Jellybeam, Nutmeg Mia (looks nice in real life) is on sale at eluxury for $580USD.
    Marc Jacobs Collection
    Matte Leather Mia Satchel$975.00

    Sleek and refined, Marc Jacobs' new Mia satchel blends soft matte leather and glamorous golden hardware for an elegant effect. The smooth rolled handles and zippered front pocket add a functional touch, while chic topstitching and a sumptuous suede interior create a truly luxurious finish.
    • Smooth matte leather with topstitching
    • Gold metal hardware
    • Front zippered pocket
    • Top-zip closure with studded leather zipper pull
    • Embossed logo at front framed with leather trim and gold metal studs
    • Rolled leather handles with golden loop clasps
    • Twill interior with zippered pocket
    • 14" x 6" x 10.5"
    • Made in Italy
  7. Jellybeam,
    I saw this in a shop when I was shopping for jeans, and I literally walked away from the girl talking to me when I saw this bag. It was like a moth to a flame, I had to go touch it. Pics don't do this one justice, for sure. If you get it, post a real-life pic!
  8. Oh god..its on sale..and I have always wanted it...ekk...help..dont do it...argh..Its in my shopping cart.....stay tuned...
  9. Go for it Jill! =)
    You & Coachwife6 can be bag-sisters. LOL! =)
  10. ^ coachwife is returning hers..she thinks its too heavy..while I am totally accustomed to carrying heavy bags..LOL..
  11. Really? I didn't think Mia was heavy since there's very little hardware, we must be used to MJ bags by now Jill. =) Did you get it? =)

    Coachwife6: You returned Mia already? Would you reconsider keeping it? It's really not too bad once you are used to it. LOL. =)
  12. I brought it back. I hated to but it really hurt my back. I carry two cell phones, a makeup bag full of stuff, a digital camera, a wallet, two checkbooks, keychain, assorted pens and pencils. I could not shove it back far enough on my back when I was shopping.
  13. so.....should i get it? The problem is I haven't seen it IRL.