MJ Mia Satchel??

  1. Does anyone have this bag in the tan/camel color...from the descriptions online i can't tell if the straps would allow you to carry it over your shoulder...any idea??

    thx for your help!
  2. I love that bag!! I would like to know too........
  3. I have the Mia Satchel in nutmeg. It is a lovely bag, however it will not fit over the shoulders. I know it came in several sizes, I believe I have the "medium" size. There have been some complaints on the "heaviness" of the bag, but I haven't found that to be the case. I have found, though, that it's usefulness is limited, because it is a satchel style, but not quite big enough for a carryon (such as the Diane style). It is certainly a bag that will be noticed (the nutmeg is a beautiful color IRL), but doesn't really suffice as an everyday bag.

    There are several threads throughout this forum that will provide you will much more discussion/information if you do a search for it.

    Hope that helps...
  4. I think whether the Mia satchel fits over the shoulders or not depends on which size you get it in. I have this

    large Mia satchel in nutmeg and it fits easily over the shoulder, it even fits over a heavier coat in winter season. My only complaint is that the width of the zipper doesn't allow my 14" laptop in the bag, even though the bag in it itself is roomy enough.
  5. thanks so much for your help...i really appreciate it! :yes: