MJ & MBMJ Shoe Showcase - Show us your footwear!

  1. My favorite MBMJ summer shoe!
    20130620_123615_1-hires.jpg 20130620_124101_1-hires.jpg
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    New fall 13 MJ shoes.
    I have been waiting on these ever since the fall runway show!
    They are not patent leather but instead a very pretty shiny leather, kind of like glazed but not. They look like you took them to a shoe shine guy and had them buffed to shiny. Very pretty.
    20130919_214601.jpg 20130919_214510.jpg
  3. Hi I'm thinking of getting a pair of the Mouse flats but would be ordering from Net a Porter so won't have the chance to try......Do they come up TTS or should I go up or down in size, do you find them comfortable ? Thanks :biggrin:
  4. I bot my usual size and do find them a little loose but it's probably bcos of the shorter length of the top part where the toes are.. They are comfy as they are made of lambskin.. But not as comfy as other shoes with more cushion.. :smile:
  5. One pair (with spikes) I tried were tts but another pair (flat and bendy) was half size too small! It is better if you can try them on.
  6. Thanks sweetie I ended up buying some Chanel flats instead :biggrin:
  7. Much better! I ended up buying Tods after trying on the mouse ones!
  8. Bump!
  9. My new punk lace mouse flats...so cute. :smile:
  10. My cute MBMJ flats :smile:
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  12. my sued and leather MBMJ wedges. Saw them at 70% of an could not walk away :p
  13. I can't believe I forgot to post these shoes!
    (I didn't keep the clutch ... but maybe someday ...)
    20140127_124128.jpg 20140127_141209.jpg

  14. Is if warm enough to wear them!! Ah jealous 😊