MJ Mayfair at BG - $403!

  1. gone
  2. WOW that MJ is awesome! but not available
  3. i really like the mayfair and want one.. but its goneee..:crybaby:
  4. Very pretty but sadly gone :sad:
  5. Try price matching with Nordstrom's who is still selling the Mayfair for $895. It's not on their website so you would have to locate it in stores and ask the SA for a PM. That's how I got mine for $403 :smile:
  6. I hate missing deals like this!!!!
  7. Worth a try...what Nordstrom's did you call awong10??
  8. I just got it price matched!! I want the teal one now.
  9. argh! How did you do it? I called three different Nordstroms and they wouldn't do it because the bag is out of stock =[
  10. HMM, I'm not sure. Did they call BG to verify/confirm anything?
  11. Yah apparently they did + they looked at the website.

    I am not a smooth talker I guess... :crybaby: I need that Mayfair! Now I am more obsessed than ever.
  12. ^You should try calling Peggy Urban from Nordstrom Seattle. She has always been very helpful: 206-628-1253. I hope you get the Mayfair...gorgeous bag!!!:tup: