MJ marries Birkin

  1. And these are the spawns



    (Photos taken from Vogue Collection 2007)
  2. Very interesting. First the quilting, now the birking look alikes. Well, more power to MJ. He knows what sells!
  3. Very interesting! I think I actually like the 1st one- someone please hit me over the head with something soon!
  4. Well I love the first pic! thanks! I love Birkin's,Kelly's, would love one, but would still choose that LV over a Birkin, which is probably the same price. That keeps on happening when I purchase a really expensive bag...usually the look of the bag is more wearable for me then a Birkin and I simply lust LV more....sorry.:shame:
  5. I like, but will not buy. Those will be close to Birkins iin cost and you know where MY money is going!! :smile:
  6. Why do I like it!!!? I'm trained to hate Designer to Designer knockoffs..although the Birkin is such an iconic bag that I think it's ok...

    and this Vouge Collection 2007...where or can it even be purchased??

    I like how he cuts to the chase with the Zip top...instead of that whole buckeling and unbuckeling parts.
  7. I just bought it yesterday at Vroman's in Pasadena for $29.95.
  8. I will have to contact my Louis Vuitton rep asap to get on this waiting list or buy asap!!!!! I love the first,... love love love, it's about time!!!!!!
  9. i am never tooo into obvious logos... sorry gals...
  10. mmm dont like the colours, or the sagginess... its kinda scary... but it may grow on me... and as much as i luvvvv LV.. i would rather spend that money on a Birkin.. although i could NEVER bring myself to spend over 10k on a bag :sad: so ill just bask in everyone elses Birkin glory and wish it was me :smile:
  11. The first one isn't bad, but the second one is scary.
  12. I really :love: the first one!!!:lol:
  13. Are those the bags you, ladies, are talking about:
  14. Isn't that is upcoming fall winter collection? I love the bags though!!!! I don't think there's too much logo, nice balance. I love the first pic...uhh....the one Jehaga posted. Now, there'll be two contenders. The mirror line and this one. Which is more beautiful?