MJ/MARC items you bought in 2006? =)

  1. List MJ/MARC items you bought and/or will buy from major retailers in 2006. =)
  2. SOFT CALF Blake in Linen, White, Black, Nutmeg, Putty
    QUILTED URSULA Elise in Black, Blush
    QUILTED URSULA Bowler in Chalk
    QUILTED URSULA Zip Clutch in Black
    QUILTED DENIM Multipocket in Nude, Washed Denim (Boston sale)
    QUILTED Stam in Black
    STRIPING Zip Bowler in Black
    QUILTED Elise in White Chiffon
    QUILTED Little Stam in Black
    BAL HARBOUR Satchel in Eggshell (maybe)

    Some were either keepers or given away, the rest went back.
  3. Wow, gee, I'll try to get it all...

    Putty Stam
    Large Hobo
    Banana bag
    Metallic Bag
    Trish (yes I'm getting one by the end of the year)
    Putty Card Case
    Black Zip Clutch
    Cola Patent Zip Clutch (I sold it though)
    Nude Denim Tote (i got it on sale at a ridiculous price...from 1295 to 400 bucks)

    Thats it I think. I'm feeling like I'm missing something.
  4. Maroon Sophia
    Bark Sophia
    Emerald Sophia
    Black Stella
    Cherry Blossom Blake
    Sap Green Large MP
    Maroon Zip Clutch
    Bright Blue Flap Clutch

    (I returned the black turnlock clutch to Saks)

    Now you can see WHY EXACTLY my credit cards are frozen in a block of ice!
  5. So what did you keep?! You love the Blake, yes? hehe
  6. All i've bought this year is a white LE Sophia...
    Of course, I also bought a Gryson and a YSL Muse so I haven't been all THAT good!!
    But seeing this makes me realize I might need something new before the year ends...
  7. :P :P
    Cosmetic case
    Black mp/silver hardware
    Tomato red blake (still haven't gotten it!)
    Tapioca blake (Should be today!!)
    Back zip clutch
    Key case

    :heart: Emmy
  8. =) I bought so many Blakes because I wasn't sure of the color. I returned White b/c I didn't like the brown stitching, it was sold when I went back for it; Nutmeg and Black weren't keepers as well. I ended up with Linen Blake only.

    I can't return those I bought from MJ stores so I gave the ones I didn't love away, I have never sold anything on ebay. What I no longer have:
    Putty Blake: the color is too plain on soft calf styles.
    Denim Multipockets: I don't like the chain (too funky for me) & hobo style, but I couldn't resist MJ Boston's big sale. Learned my lesson, don't buy items I don't love no matter how good the deal is.
    Stam: too big for me.
    Blush Elise: Love it!!!! Couldn't get a perfect one after 2 attempts. Would try again, but they were completely sold out.

    Buyer's Remorse:
    Little Stam: I have a weakness for frame bags, but I still don't like the chain for myself. Chanel's Reissue & Classic Flap are more me.
  9. I am embarassed to list them all but here goes:

    I purchased and have kept:
    Mia Polina in Nutmeg
    Lg. MP in Black
    Quilted Hobo in Black
    Sophia in Black with the buckels
    Stella in White
    Little Stam in Black
    Scarlet in Electric Blue
    Mini Carmen in Blue and a Tan color
    Mini Venetia in Petunia
    Zip Clutches in Emerald, Petrol and Taupe

    I purchased and then either sold / given away as gifts:
    Large Carmen in Dark Brown
    Courtney in Raisin (I wish I could find a sienna in that color)
    MP in Honey
    Satchel in Blue
    Medium Quinn in Salmon
    Venetia in Tapioca
    Satchel in Tapioca
    Large Doctors Satchel in Off white
    Ava in a red/pink color

    Wow, I need to stop buying bags.
  10. Gosh, your friends and family must be awfully lucky to have a friend like you. I don't know anyone that would actually gift me a handbag...well, except for my BF...and i guess that's more force than want.
  11. Large Oatmeal Multipocket
    Black Patent Ursula Bowler
    Saddle Brown Stam (sent back..)
    Black Clutch/Wallet

    And then quite a few MBMJ clothing shtuffs
  12. Hobo in Butter
    Credit Card Case in Butter
    Susannah in Black
    Turnlock Satchel in Berry
    Zip Clutch in Putty
    Serena in Eggshell

    Hoping to get a Blake before year's end!:P
  13. I have a weakness for the really good deals on ebay. I buy them and realize the bag is not for me! So, I usually sell them on ebay. I have given a few bags away, b/c they have really liked it but would not spend money on it.

    Elong, I bet your BF loves making you happy with those bags!
  14. Only the MJ's I bought this past week...

    Little stam in gold
    Large quilted bowler in bronze

    Hope to keep buying more!!!
  15. In the order it was purchased:
    Butter Blake
    Lobster Bowler
    Chestnut Drummed Satchel
    Petrol quilted small MP
    Ferrari small MP (for mom)
    Whiskey Zip Clutch
    Chili Hudson

    Ended up returning most of them.

    Want: Amethyst zip clutch :biggrin: