MJ & LV on Sundance Channel

  1. Per InStyle, the show will air on February 4th.

    A look back at the prince of fashion-in action-before he got all sleek on us. Star cameos galore!

    Set your TiVos!
  2. Just a reminder, it airs Monday!
  3. wow, this sounds pretty cool! thanks for the heads up! :tup:
  4. thanks! and if anyone isnt able to catch this on monday- they do sell the dvd at the mj boutiques!
  5. ^^ good question.. also maybe it will be available on the network website?
  6. :tup: I just set the recording!
  7. I don't think I get the Sundance channel?? Will it be on anything else or sold on dvd??
  8. Cool, I will make sure to watch! Thank you.
  9. damn! i dont get the sundance channel! :sad:
  10. I don't get the sundance channel either... I hope it gets put on youtube!!
  11. Criminy! I don't think I get that channel either! :push:
  12. Thanks I have direct tv and the sundance channel! Will be sure to watch!
  13. Thanks! I found it and set the reminder. FYI 8p EST.
  14. Set the Tivo. Looking forward to seeing this.
  15. It's coming on soon, don't forget!