mj lou vs speedy 25. which one to keep

  1. please share your thoughts as far as the MJ Lou and Speedy.... which one will you buy and why. Thanks
  2. theyre so different... the lou can be worn on your shoulder, but the speedy cannot. the bag shapes are completely different. the MJ is leather, LV isnt. I think its a matter of personal preference. if i had both bags, I would keep both. :smile: but if i had to choose one, well... i'm in the MJ subforum, so guess which I would choose ;)
  3. I would pick the Lou since you can wear it on your shoulder OR on your arm. Versatility is a big thing for me.
  4. The Lou of course!
  5. the lou is very classy. which speedy - 25, 30, 35 and mono, demi, epi?? i find the sagginess of the speedy not appealing yet i still want one. looking into the mini lin bc it isn't as popular. i heard the epi does not sag at all bc it is more structured.

    if you choose to go w/ LV - hurry bc apparently there is going to be a price increase.....
  6. ^^^Yes, you are correct about Epi. My Epi sags a little, but not bad (it genrally reatins its sahpe) and it is so classic. Mine is blue and I love it.

    I also own the little Lou and I too love that bag as well (wore it today actually). They are completely different, but, IMO, LV speedy's are just a timeless bag. Don't get me wrong, I love my MJ, but a speedy is an iconic classic and MJ is a classic of the now to me.
  7. I don't have the Lou, but I have the Speedy 25, and it's the most versatile bag I have. It goes with everything from jeans to a dress, and it's a great size. That said, I don't carry it very often. :shame:

    I dunno...they're SO different! I think the Speedy will be one of those bags you'll always be able to use, and the Lou is beautiful, but maybe not as versatile? I don't know. I'd say keep the Speedy. The 25 is a great everyday-sized bag, and the 30 is great if you have kids or need a bigger bag for work stuff or a sweater or something (not sure which Speedy you're talking about).

    Good luck deciding - that's a difficult decision!
  8. That's a hard decision b/c they are so different. Personally, the speedy 25 is a little small for my taste, and the fact that you cannot put it on your shoulder is a big minus for me. But that is simply a personal preference. If the decision were up to me, I'd go for the Lou for several reasons. #1 - it's leather, whereas the LV is not (well aside from the vachetta handles and trim - which get dirty over a long period of time if you aren't careful with it) #2 - I see LV's all the time - everywhere I go, whether it's at walmart or Neiman Marcus - and mostly on young girls - they've just become very commonplace (not that I have anything against young girls...I used to be one myself, lol! but for me, my tastes have been maturing lately) and #3 - most of the ones I see are fakes. Now, I KNOW this shouldn't matter to me, and it's not that I care whether or not someone looks at the bag I'm carrying and thinks that it could be fake b/c I know it's real. But I guess seeing SO many fakes out there has kind of ruined the joy of having LV for me. Plus the fact that I find it hard to shell out so much $$ for a bag that's not even solid leather.

    So, I say all that to say this...I'd go for the Lou. LOL. :yes:

  9. I like the lou but just curious about the gather on the top near the zipper ...will it ever tear up...what is your experience with the detail and durability.
  10. these are the exact reasons i sold off all my LV bags and came back to MJ wih open arms!
  11. I'd also vote for the Lou, for the same reasons as Christy. I like that it's a shoulder bag, and I also really like that it's not an MJ bag you see alot -- the MJ bags around here I tend to see are the soft calf bags (particularly the Venetia). Plus, while I'm not a huge fan of the patchwork style (my sis has a patchwork stam), I think the patchwork lends itself really well to the shape of the Lou.

    And I'm not saying all this just because I want one in chocolate :smile:
  12. My thoughts exactly. GL.
  13. I just had the same deathmatch in my head not between an MJ bag and an LV but between the Morning after bag and the speedy 30. I went with the speedy because it's timeless. I can remember being a little girl and my favorite very stylish new york city aunt had an LV. She had been carring it forever and STILL does. The LV although not leather are workhorses. I love my speedy 30 cause it perfect for everything. Fakes or not I don't care. I know that mine is real.
  14. Honestly I think the LV. I think the speedy is timeless bag, though I can't do the arm bag thing, if you can I'd get the speedy. Although it is not leather - it is super durable & able to be used casually & dressy & you don't have to be afraid to carry it in all types of weather. It will last for years & years to come - in terms of both durability & fashion.

    If you want the Lou also I'd stalk one till you get a really good deal - LV never goes on sale & prices just keep on climbing.
  15. a part of me is saying that you should keep the speedy because it's a classic, but the other (more logical) part of me is thinking that i wouldn't pay $600 for leather trimmed canvas when that money can buy me a more detailed suede lined leather bag.

    don't get me wrong. i don't dislike lv and i used to really want a speedy myself. it wasn't until i got a venetia for around $400 or so that i realized the lv is just not comparatively worth it. what am i paying for? a legacy? because audrey hepburn and other iconic hollywood leading ladies carried it? i still think the speedy is a nice bag, and i would love a nomade one. i just don't value the monograms to rationalize paying over half a grand for canvas regardless of how durable it is.