MJ Lou or Ines - which is better for everyday?

  1. Hi I am deciding between a merlot Lou and a chocolate Ines shoulder bag for everyday use. Which is better, lighter to carry, more glamourous in your opinions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Of the two I prefer the Lou (biased as I have one, I guess..)
    Shape-wise I find the Lou is a bit more funky and easier to dress down, but that's just my opinion... Maybe Ines owners can chime in on this :smile:
    I don't think either of the bag are particularly heavy - the Lou isn't in my opinion, but I am used to heavy Mulberries, so don't know if others will agree...

    The Ines seems to be very practical with the three compartments, whereas the Lou has just one main compartment and a small zip pocket, but if you use bag organizers like I do, it's not a problem.

    Colour-wise I really like the merlot - it looks great on the picture in the thread with the Lou modelling pics :drool:
  3. The lou is slimmer to me and the inez kind of sticks out when worn on the shoulder. I never realized how a lot of bags did that to me until I bought a slimmer style bag. I love both, but happen to like the lou more because of this reason. I think both are just as dressy/casual.
  4. I thought that I preferred the Ines style, but when I saw it IRL, it was smaller than I expected. I think that the Lou would hold more, if that matters to you...
  5. i prefer the chocolate ines. i love the rich brown color against the polished gold hardware. the compartments keep things separated and not one jumbled mess at the bottom of your bag. i hate having to dig around my purse for ten minutes before being able to locate my keys. finally, i think the rectangular shape makes it more timeless compared to the lou. they're both mj glam and the lou is a fun bag, but i couldn't see myself using it a year or two from now unlike the ines.
  6. I have a wet leather Lou in a sienna color and a Peanut Ines. I honestly like the Lou a tiny bit more because it fits under my shoulder easier when full than the Ines does when full. I would carry the Ines more as a "crook in the shoulder" bag. But it's a hard decision!
  7. I think I prefer the Ines -- it's so ladylike and the chocolate makes it look so rich. The Lou seems like a younger, hipper relative, though, so I suppose your own style should push you towards one or the other.
  8. I have a Capra...which is what the LOU is except it's in a patchwork....so i think i'm a little qualified to say that the LOU will be awesome for everyday...the INES seems like a crook in the arm bag to me too and I have bigger arms and i can fit the Capra on my shoulder so the LOU will fit too.
  9. ^ I miss that Capra!! LOL....

    I think it's a tough choice... but as an everyday bag, I'm leaning more toward the Ines because it's a bit roomier and has 3 divided compartments. Don't get me wrong though, the Capra and the Lou are gorgeous and roomy bags.
  10. I love the ines especially in chocolate and would love that bag!!
  11. ^^^That's interesting to know. Mayajuliana, which one is bigger/holds more??? TIA
  12. Thanks everyone I really appreciate your thoughful comments. I have a lot more information now to make my decision. Mayajuliana - lucky you having both! It's a hard choice.
    They both weigh much less than the Stam don't they? I was really suprised by how heavy that bag is!
  13. I really like the structure / shape of the Ines. But I'm very biased, b/c I just got an Ines yesterday and I'm still glowing. :love:

    I think you should try them both on and see which one looks better on you / seems more you. You can't lose either way, b/c they are both beautiful bags.
  14. I loved the Ines when I saw Christina Aguilera wearing hers. But when I saw Pigen modeling her Lou, that bag seemed more like a better everyday bag to me. The Ines looks a bit more dressed up because it is more structured. The Lou aka northface jkt, looks like a more casual puffy style that can be worn when dressed up or down.

  15. thithi....i'm so thankful for her....i'm sorry you miss her....but she's got a nice home.

    here's a picture so you can see she's well taken care of. it's an old pic, i have since taking the pic, used her several times.