MJ Lola

  1. I know it's discontinued, but what colors did the Lola come in? I'm interested in the red color...does anyone know what that color is called? After I hunt down my black Stella, the "red" Lola will be my next quarry. :supacool:


    ETA: Was it named for Lola Schnabel? Just wondering....
  2. I've seen the red before, but I'm not sure what the official color name is. Very pretty bag!
  3. i've seen it in pink , ivory (i think) and teal.

    it's on my list too. just too cute and adorable!
  4. I know...it's so cute! It's the little hidden umbrella that gets me...it's just so darn PRACTICAL!! Esp. in DC when the silly rain sneaks up on you.

    Were there different sizes of the Lola as well? I've seen some on eBay with the umbrella pocket and some without...

    Maybe bag.lover will know?
  5. ^ i'm sure bag.lover will know!!

    I think they are both about the same size but one has the umbrella pocket and the other doesn't.

    I love the umbrella pocket too!! i hate lugging around the umbrella so it's a great bag for me...

    i've seen a couple of them sell on eBay for about $300 so i'm sure you'll be able to get it for your collection soon!!
  6. I am obsessed with this Tere line, (desperately seeking the tote myself)!!!!!

    I posted a question about it in the http://forum.purseblog.com/marc-jacobs/name-that-mj-bag-70016.html thread and bag.lover came to my rescue. I'll add her response below.

    I love this line, the gathering is soooo cute. In addition to Lola (single strap & a hidden umbrella; listing in Shoppingsmycard's post), I have seen other shapes/styles from this line: Pouchette, tote (attached picture from thestarsgarb's post), and hobo.

    It comes in Cream, Dusty Plum, Red (is the response I got), Teal and Black.
  7. I remember seeing someone had a red Tere on my other forum. I tried looking for the bag but no luck. BTW I love my Teal MJ Lola and lil' sister Black Lola pouchette. I would love to have Red Lola myself :smile:
  8. i think there are 2 ivory ones on eBay right now, in addition to a pink one?

    good luck in your search! if i lived somewhere where it rained more often, i would DEFINITELY be on the hunt for one, since it's adorable AND functional! :yes: (i've got my heart set on a quilted blake right now though. heehee...)

  10. They are different bags from the same line (just like Blake, Venetia, New Stella belonging to SOFT CALF CLASSIC line). LOLA has the hidden umbrella, TERE SHOPPER has 2 strap handles, TESSA is the hobo, etc...

  11. Thanks, bag.lover! I knew you'd come through!!! I want the Lola in either red, marigold, or teal. I LOVE that little umbrella! Living in DC it'd be a really useful thing to have.
  12. I was wondering if the umbrella takes up most of the room in the bag? its such a cute bag, but it looks like after the umbrella in there you wouldn't have any more room....
  13. I have a red Lola that I purchased about a year ago - mine does not have the umbrella. I mainly use it in the evening and I love it. I also just found a marigold Tessa. I would love to find a Tere as well. I agree I really like this style of bags.
  14. There's still room even if the umbrella is its compartment (takes up 1/3 of the bag in terms of height). There's always the option of not using the umbrella. =)
  15. Your red bag is a pouchette right? Lola is the style name of the bag with the hidden umbrella.