MJ leather


Jul 13, 2006
does anyone get the feeling the leather on MJ bags are kinda stiff? i handled the stam for the first time a few days ago, and it was heavy and tough. also, the new quilted leather/nylon bags with MARC JACOBS in perforated leather... the upper leather feels kinda...cheap?? sorry, i dont mean to offend anyone here, but has the leather quality gone down over the years? i remember a few years ago, the leather was nice and thick. maybe the leather on the stam is unique...?
Stam leather has definitely seen a change. A change for the worse in the eyes of some stam lovers. I never really handled the older leather versions, but I hear that they were softer and not as structured. Many people prefer that. Still a great bag no matter how you look at it.
MJ makes MANY different variations of leather.I myself didnt care for the leather in this seasons resort line though..However.I find that the soft calf line is alot"Mushier " than some of his other leathers.My MJ SA actually only calls me for MUSHY leather bags..ROFL..I hate stiff bags!
Can't deny the fact that the leather (of MJ bags) isn't as nice as before. =(

There's an exception this season. Resort 06's SWEET PUNK and MIXED CHAIN bags are made with the best MJ leather ever, it would be nice if it will be used for other lines in the future as well.
I've noticed stiff leather for MJ too, can't say that I really like it... some recent bags are still really nice, like th bal harbours. I tend to stick with the soft calf line myself. The new stams don't impress me...