MJ Leather Softy Carryall

  1. Have anyone seen or tried this bag? I want to know if it's a big or medium bag. I saw different dimension in different websites, so I'm just curious if it's too big for me. I'm 5'4" btw. Let me know what you think ok. Please post pic if you already have one. And does anyone know any website that has this bag in black? Thanks!

  2. Saks has the black on their website. I do not know the size of it though. It is a cute bag:smile:
  3. look on Shopbop.com as well, they have it on a model
  4. Thanks for the info!! Yes, I know, I've visited the SAKS site but in shopbop, they put different size in their website: 13"L x 7.5"W x 9"H for that same bag.

    Is it 13"L or 17" L? Bigger than the Faridah bag? Can someone who has seen the bag in store, clarify it to me please. Is it really that big? I need to know coz I can't try it personally. Germany doesn't have MJ stores :sad:. Maybe anyone with this bag can show me the actual picture, please!!!! Pretty please!!!

    Thanks everyone for the reply!!!
  5. I ordered a black one from shopbop in friday (no black left now). I should get it tomorrow, I will post pics soon after!!
  6. Thanks melissa! Can't wait to see it!
  7. I got mine yesterday! :biggrin:

    I'm 5'5" and think it's a great size for everyday. If I get time I'll post some pics too.
  8. klucelg, congratsss!!!! i'd love to see your bag!!! post them asap ok!
  9. Ah!! That's the bag I just got, I couldn't figure the name. It's the best bag ever, i'm so in love.
  10. sprinkles, post the pics please!!!! i want to see it, please!!!!
  11. allyxp

    I went to take some photos for you but realised my camera is in our car, which is at my hubby's work. :sad:

    But I measured the bag for you - at the widest point in the middles it's 16 inches, but the base is 13 inches.

    I'll try again later tonight.
  12. Ok, thanks a lot klucelg. gladly appreciate your help. hey, quick question.. can u wear the bag on your shoulder? Or the handle too short to wear it that way?
  13. Yes, you can wear it on your shoulder. It fits very easily and feels very comfy. :smile:
  14. thats a really really cute tote! Its so squishy and feels great! I love the zippers also, GET IT! hehe