MJ leather phone case!?!?!


out of my mind
Sep 16, 2007
Scottsdale AZ
Hey everyone!

so i was out last night for cocktails with a friend and I spotted a leather phone case/wallet. it looked so versatile and so i asked the girl and she said it was marc jacobs that she got a few seasons ago. :confused1:

Does anyone know what i'm talking about? She was using it for her iphone. Basically on one side the phone was 'strapped' in (i think)? and on the other side there was space for credit cards/cash. And this folded together... no zips that I noticed, but then again i wasn't thoroughly inspecting it. (should have! :P )

I did a basic search on here and some store sites but all that comes up is the hard iphone cases, which is not what im looking for. Any insight, pictures style name/# would be amazing! Thank you!


OOH shiny!!
Feb 28, 2011
I've seen a Michael Kors iPhone wallet/clutch that seems to be what you are describing...could she have been mistaken?