MJ "large tote"

  1. can someone post a pic of this bag? i'd like to see what it looks like. heard there's one in a store by me! thanks!
  2. ^You need the actual name of the bag..MJ has many totes..Dont know of one named just LARGE tote though
  3. I think that's the one (based on the description I got over the phone). Does anyone have this? Are the straps long enough to carry over the shoulder?
  4. I've seen the bag pquiles got IRL and yes, I believe the shoulder straps are long enough to carry over your shoulder. It's a larger bag that will hold a lot of stuff. Good luck in your decision!
  5. It's called the "Jane" bag... I agree, it should be long enough to carry on the shoulder. These bag have been marked down recently, I've seen it in Putty and Black.
  6. SOFT CALF Tote from S/S 2006.

    16 x 5.5 x 9.5"
    Colors: Black, Blueberry, Butter, Nutmeg, Putty, ....

    It's on sale for $659.99USD at jadeboutique, you can see more pictures here:
    Marc Jacobs*Handbag*Putty/C361007 Tote - http://www.jadeboutique.com
  7. I found it at a really good price but I don't know if the straps are long enough. I don't like it to be snug. If anyone has this bag, please let me know how much room there is under the arm. Thanks ladies!
  8. I don't think it will be snug, but pm pquiles and she'll let you know!
  9. I have this large tote bag and its kind of snug. I certainly can't put it over my shoulders if I have a coat on. There is another bag thats on sale right now that is kind of similar to this one but it is an over the shoulder bag. I do have a very fuzzy picture of it (my photo skills are very bad :shame:smile:.

    View attachment 117868
  10. Here is a better picture of the bag (above) thats listed on eBay (no, this is not my auction, I just have very bag picture skills so I found a better picture):
    MJ bag
  11. Oh, I see the difference now... never noticed that the handles were different on these two bags! Otherwise they look identical to me.... The Jane tote has one strap, and the other called "tote" has double straps....
  12. :yes: The Jane bag is meant to be an over the shoulder bag. The other one (I really should find the name of it) is better as a hand held. But they are both on sale right now for a REALLY good price. ;)
  13. Thanks! Glad I didn't get it then!
  14. According to several sites, SOFT CALF CLASSIC Tote's straps measure about 19-20" around with a 7" drop. I had no problem carrying it on my shoulder, but I have a small frame.

    Check out these pictures from ebayer rjconnect:

    eBay: RJC Lg BLACK LEATHER TOTE AUTHENTIC NEW MARC JACOBS BAG (item 130067124573 end time Jan-21-07 13:45:00 PST)