MJ ladies: watches anyone?

  1. i saw a similiar thread on the LV subforum, and i was just curious what kind of watches you MJ ladies wear? ive been shopping around lately, and have my eye on this beautiful breitling.

  2. ^ nice watch tuffcookie.
  3. ^ its beautiful isn't it? :smile:
  4. :drool: oh yes, very classy and not too blingy. Are you going to treat yourself?
  5. im just having a hard time rationalizing spending that much on a watch (but i can spend $1200 on a MJ bag...go figure). im going to treat myself, but in order to do so, im going to sell a lot of old things on eBay to make the extra cash. i dont want to clear my savings account.

    i like the blingy watches, but i dont think they are as classic looking as that steel watch. plus, i dont know if ill like the blings years from now. :smile:
  6. Good pick there! I think that'll be a nice everyday watch.

    I have a Gucci watch. It's matte and shiny steel with diamonds in the place of the numbers.
  7. That Breitling is beautiful! Not too bad of a price either. I am currently wearing a Coach watch that I bought for myself when I graduated college...it isn't doing too bad considering it is 6 years old. I do have my eye on a TAG though, but maybe I should change my mind to a Breitling.:p
  8. I wear a Movado that I have had for 11 years!
  9. go for the breitling :biggrin:
  10. Beautiful watch! I am glad you will go for it.

    I wear a Movado, all black, a skagen, all silver, or a gucci all gold, depending on the bag :nuts:
  11. ill post pictures of me and my breitling and one of my MJ's :smile:
  12. I have worn a TAG for 12 years, but just bought this last year and now wear it every day. I love it~ it is so comfortable to wear.

    Raymond Weil Tango Diamond Bezel/diamond inlay/mother-of-pearl face.

    Love the Breitling. Are you going to get it?
  13. I love this watch, when I first saw it in a magazine I tore the page out and stuck in on my fridge as a hint to my hubby. I still haven't got one but it is still on top of my list as a "want" along with a Rado Integral Jubilee.
  14. oh i will be getting it. eventually. my boyfriend tells me to hold off on purchasing it...which makes me wonder...

    cooper, your picture icon kills me - your puppy is SO cute. i know ive told you that before. hah