MJ ladies, enlighten me on this one... re: resale value of MJs

  1. I searched for a discussion on this and didn't find much, so I have a question:

    I was playing on eBay (as I like to do ;) ) and have noticed for awhile that MJ backs just don't fetch anything near what they retail for a lot of the time... I know they go on sale some in retail stores, and the styles change some, but why do you think these gorgeous bags don't retain their value very well? Maybe they do and I'm wrong... but the other day I saw a gorgeous tomato multipocket, brand new, go for $250! Wha?? :shrugs:
  2. I am so not an expert on this, but I play on E-bay and see a lot of the same type of listings. I think a lot of these bags may be fakes. Not sure. I would like to know, too. When I purchase a bag, I don't think about the resale value. I buy purely for my own use and enjoyment. If they don't retain their value, that is a plus for me, since I would love to purchase some of the older styles/colors, but I am too wary of the possibility of purchasing a fake. Maybe, once I get more comfortable spotting fakes, I will get up the nerve to bid on a MJ on E-bay. I would love to buy some older Stellas.

  3. TTucker, i've noticed that as well....i think it's only the really "in demand" styles and/or colors that retain their value (ie, stam has carried its value very well, pieces from striping line, anything in "petrol" color, etc). it's the classic pieces that aren't retaining value, IMO: blake, stella, sophia, etc. the only thing i can assume is that there are too many available....it's that old law of supply and demand. when i can go search for a sophia on eBay and find 10-20 listings, many of which are authentic, that doesn't make me feel like i "have" to buy today....it makes me think i can always get a better deal, so i'm willing to pay less. just my $.02 :smile:
  4. MJ bags definitely don't retain their values like Balenciaga or LV. Their values are going down for recent items like Stam as well. Stam's being sold everywhere and its supply is definitely more than demand now (just like Chloe bags). They don't fly off the shelves (have to be wait listed) like they used to.

    For the Soft Calf Collection, Stella/Venetia/Blake generally have better resale value than Multipocket/Sophia/Cammie. According to SAs from various stores, Stella/Venetia/Blake sold/sell better so the chance of them making their ways to outlets is lower. The price depends on the color, condition, and timing as well. Petrol was only big on Stam, other styles were marked down heavily by stores to make room for newer items (some were sent to outlets as well). Stores said that items are sent to outlets if they are still not sold after rounds of markdown.

  5. ^ There are times where some of the stuffs get reduced by 40%-70% off in stores too, it's sad for people who pay full price for them. =( Unless the items were bought at heavily discounted prices, original owners (who paid full price at stores) would lose lots of $$ when they re-sell.
  6. Right now regular stams are really the only thing (and the Hudson because I don't believe they've been on sale yet) that hold their value. Even when you look on ebay, they are generally going around retail price. But soon...maybe in another year, you may actually see the regular stam on sale if they start increasing the amount of stams in production.

    MJ and Chloe both need to downsize their production. Sales are all fine and good, but it's showing that the demand isn't as high as the supply. Just slow down.
  7. I agree with Elongreach, Stams are becoming to accessible these days and the resale value will continue to go down if this happens. Other high demand bags include the Elise and Trish. I believe the soft calf classic bags drop their resale a lot unless it's a high demand color. There's just too many on ebay for any competition in price.
  8. the resale market has tanked over the past year IMO for a number of reasons. First MJ has too many lines coming out each season, second a lot of stuff ends up getting marked down @ a some point so like bag.lover said its frustrating to pay full price and see your bag on sale cheaper two weeks later. It is for the reason I wait out all my MJ purses because I've been burned on at least 3 bags:shame:

    and the fakes have killed the Ebay market. They are getting better and better and many even come with receipts now:wtf: so an authentic seller has no choice but to drop their price if they must sell their item:sad:

    I agree with the last 2 ladies, MJ needs to slow down production or it may very well end up a discount brand:shame:
  9. I agree..MJ bags seem to always go on sale AFTER I pay full price..That disturbs me alot!They do NOT hold their value as well as LV and Chanel...
  10. Thanks for the input all! That helps me understand it better :yes:
  11. Totally agree! One of my favorite things about MJ is the uniqueness. If supply goes up and demand goes down, they somehow lose their value.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love my MJs. :heart:
  12. Agree with Jill, Harlem_Cutie, Elongreach. I hestitate to pay full price for styles that are also sold at non-MJ stores. My good friend & I like several bags at the boutique, but she noted that she will wait since his bags go on sale. We would pay full price for store exclusive styles at boutiques, there's no chance of them being marked down elsewhere.

    It's not as simple as we think, the styles and colors are planned way ahead of their release dates. Look Books for Resort 06 & S/S 07 collections were already available when F/W 06 items started arriving in stores. Stores are still receiving the last delivery of Resort 06 and beginning to get the 1st delivery of S/S07 items now, F/W 07 items are being planned already. There are times when designers are wrong about what consumers will like and dislike.

    F/W 06's Hudson & Blondie were big hits, they were sold out at MJ boutiques. They are back by popular demand for S/S 07 (unplanned) even though they weren't listed in S/S 07 Look Book (out months ago).

    QUILTED SIGNATURE LEATHER/NYLON (with MARC JACOBS on the items) lines are being made in many colors for both R06 & S/S 07; bags from these lines are not moving at MJ boutiques.

    SOFT CALF CLASSIC styles (Venetia, Blake) have been around for so long, they are still strong; Venetia (debuted in year 2000) is still being made after all these years. New Stella was discontinued even though it was still very popular at the time. The basic and popular colors usually don't make their ways to outlets.

    The first 3 seasons of Stam (F/W 05, R05, S/S 06) did well. I guess that every store started stocking them as a result, they wouldn't know in advance if bags wouldn't continue to sell. I don't know if more Stams were made for F/W 06 or not, they just didn't sell out like they used to for whatever reason (leather, colors, people getting tired of them, too many knock-offs, etc); some boutiques think sales slow down because people already have Stams.
  13. I'm not soliciting but just wondering what you ladies think the resale value of a Marc Jacobs Stella in Bark (with the suede interior lining) would go for now on eBay? I think it’s from fall 2005 line... in mint condition
  14. I agree with what everyone has said about availability, sales, and production amounts.

    Also, I think the resale value on Ebay is lower even on bags that never go on sale or are hard to find because of FAKES. In the consignment store I usually use, even MJ bags like multipockets and blakes regularly sell for more, like $700 or so. But on ebay where there are so many fakes and it's more of a risk (no return policy, etc.) I think people aren't as willing to take a risk paying that much, even in a color or style that is hard to find.

    also I have noticed that a lot of colors/styles that are hard to find in authentic condition come into the fake market, so that might also be making people more wary to bid.
  15. ^^ yea that sounds right.

    I would say though that for members who have purchased bags on ebay, the values they are selling for are pretty consistent, so it seems to me like they are either breaking even or making some profit (like less than $50) if you both buy and sell on ebay. however, I dont agree that the number of fakes devalue how much an authentic sells for. I think there are enough people (members and lurkers) who come here to confirm which bags are authentic. The bigger problem is NPB.