MJ LA-50% off select bags

  1. Sorry, but this needs its own thread!

    Was in the collection store yesterday, and they had 50% off the stone and mink bags. i wish i could be more descriptive, but the SA wouldn't detach himself from my hip.
  2. mj sf was having a similar deal too. i got so excited when i saw this thread. i was imagining zc's, alyonas, and mix quilted bags for half off. i'm so disappointed that mj didn't have a big sale on handbags like they did last year with the selmas.
  3. thanks for the heads up....

    meh.... those stones bags are so expensive that half off is still almost the same price as a soft calf collection bag. Not to mention that Barney's in BH still has plenty of stones bags for 60% off.

    I wish they have a better sale soon!
  4. just remembered, they have some of the woven bags as well.
  5. ^^What do you mean by woven bags? Quilted?
  6. Like the Bianca bag, retail $2275.. Those were 60% off at Barney's as well, and still there on Saturday when I stopped by. Those are also very expensive, in the same price range as the Stones bags. These are all lined in leather I believe, which helps justify the price somewhat.

  7. Ohhhh...I forgot about those bags. Thanks thithi!

    Why couldn't they have placed other styles on sale?:sad:
  8. I really LOVE those stones bags, but daaaaaaaamn they are so expensive. Even at 50% off, they are just not in my budget.