MJ knockoff in Teen Vogue??!!

  1. seriously?!!

    original mj little eddie::

    teen vogue knockoff::
  2. It seems so odd that Teen Vogue did that! Not that teenagers are necessarily the market that they are trying to sell MJ bags to, but to advertise a knock off? That just does not seem Vogue at all.
  3. and teen vogue actually features TONS of expensive designer goods.
  4. i saw that too. i wanted to post about it, but couldn't find a picture anywhere of the knockoff. it looks even more similar to the paloma:


    perhaps they thought it's a cheaper alternative for teens and that it was okay because it's not a complete replica (absent of logos) of the original? i mean i doubt the teen vogue staffers saw that bag and had no idea it was part of the marc jacobs's fall collection considering these were the bags that went down the runway. :confused1:
  5. you're right!

    if you search for that company who makes it, its a wholesaler over on 28th street- thats crazy!
  6. Wow!! I can't believe that. But good eye yes.please.
  7. they've been getting a lot of letters from girls who just aren't kids of wealthy people and complaining that the stuff teenvogue has in the editorials is just too high end if your not a rich kid. so lately they've been offering cheap 'look-a-like' alternatives, much like lucky magazne does and whatnot...
  8. on a totally different note, that patent betsey bag is really cute!
  9. teen vogue features plenty of knockoffs... steve madden and jessica simpson shoes are all a knockoff of something - most likely louboutins. i think as long as it is a reputable designer teen vogue will feature it.
  10. What also surprises me is that they placed that wanna-be bag next to the Betsy Johnson who is a reputable designer. If they're going to showcase an "inspired" bag (I'm trying to be nice) then why place it next to a real designer's bag? And Betsy's bag is not exactly cheap for most of the teen readers. Why not show a more moderately priced bag instead like one from Michael by Michael Kors, Dooney, etc?
  11. I definitely wish they didn't put 'designer inspired' bags in their mag!
  12. I think Teen Vogue does need to increase their class strata diversity in terms of the items they suggest but this is ridiculous. And what's really crappy is that bag is still pretty darn pricey for a rip off! $168 is still a lot of money for most teens to spend on a handbag.

    Good eye, yes.please!
  13. Unbelievable. And what's the complaint about the kids complaining about not having enough money to buy all these bags? If you don't have the money, don't buy or read the magazines, yeah? God forbid that at this rate, the regular Vogue and other reputable magazines are going to start featuring fakes too because lots of people out there can't afford these bags I just don't get this whole thing. There are more economic alternatives to high-end designer bags, and many of them have respectable styles. I just feel that even if I don't have the money to buy these things, I want to see pictures of the real things to drool, and not feeling like I got cheated the price of the magazine from pages of nothing but fakes. I look at tons of things in magazines, department store websites, etc., but I wouldn't bankrupt myself from trying to buy things I can't afford. There's just always going to be things you can't afford almost no matter of how much money you have, you know?
  14. WTF


  15. because the majority of the readers and gals who are featured in teen vogue either have rich parents, come from wealthy familys, or....um...have rich parents....