MJ key chain pouch from OFF FIFTH

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  1. I recently got this MJ key chain pouch over this spring break at OFF FIFTH Dayton, FL........ for so cheap!!!! i couldn't believe myself getting this for only $39.99 + tax!! OMG i almost cried when SA told me the price.... The orig value is $125. There's only one left .... If they would have more i would buy more... i can't get enough of MJ STUFFF.... And btw i got this carryall coach from coach factory store nearby for only $109.99 >>>> wat a deal tooo.

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  2. Good deals! Thanks for the photos!
  3. Ohhh... I have seen this style in the cosmetic pouch online.... I thought it would make a great clutch... Must check out the Off Fifth tomorrow, see if they have any new goodies!
  4. I saw the Coach one at the outlet I went to but liked something else so I didn;t get it. What a steal though!
  5. Congrats on your bargain for the MJ. The little buckle is so cute!
  6. How cute! What a great bargain. Congrats:smile:)
  7. Thanks u guys!!! I'm pretty new to this forum so thanks for all the supports!!! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!

  8. Thanks SO much. Yeah I'm in love with those buckles. :nuts:
  9. oh man, that's a great deal!! what color is it? black? brown?

  10. That's soo cute I love the thrill of bargain hunting for designer items..
  11. Thats a really good deal! And the key pouch is sooo cute.
  12. wow that's an amazing deal. one of my coworkers is the manager at the local Off 5th.. i should ask him to save any MJ stuff like that for me to sift through. haha.
  13. that's adorable and what a steal!! congrats!
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  14. i love it.
  15. WOW! I wish they still had an off 5th near me :sad: