MJ Karolina is it still popular?

  1. Does anyone still like the Karolina?:tup: Or is it time to retire it?:tdown:
  2. I used to have one and honestly, I really liked it. I had the large one and it fit everything I need! If you use all the space, this might be a very good functional bag for you. However, if you don't usually carry a lot of stuff maybe go for a smaller bag like the multipocket or blake.
  3. I have the large Karolina in Electric Blue, and I was just using it earlier this spring. I think it's a pretty classic style - I don't think there's anything "trendy" about it that would cause it to go out of style. It's actually similar to the Sophia with the two front pockets & buckles, and that bag's been around for years.
  4. I agree, I think the bag is great and timeless. If you like it, then use it!!
  5. I don't have a Karolina, but I would love a large K. The only problem is that all the K's I have seen are really bright shades. I never seem to see them in black, tan, brown, etc.
  6. I love it -- I used to have the big one in white... definitely a fave of mine!
  7. This is a great bag! I don't think that it will go out of style. It is extremely roomy and functional. I have it in Oatmeal, the smaller version and it is still one of my most fave MJ bags!
  8. I love this style too--I wish I had one!
  9. Love this bag! I was lucky enough to snag two from eBay. A large Oatmeal and a large Espresso. Definitely a keeper for me!
  10. There are two for sale on eBay but they are both small! Would love to see how large the large is??
  11. I have the Karolina in electric blue as well, and I love it. It does get a little heavy at times, but maybe that's because I can fit the whole house in it! :smile: