MJ Karen Python - To buy or not to buy?!

  1. Hi,
    its' my first post so pls excuse me if its in the wrong section! :smile:
    I just purchased Marc Jacobs Karen Python bag in Cinnamon thru net-a-porter ($1680). It'll be my first designer piece (I have coach purses.. but those don't count!). There's customs issues because its python... but im kinda having 2nd thoughts?!? what do you think??! im having a mini crisis right now.

    Thx in advanced!!

    PS: for some reason I can't attach a photo.
    see link - http://forum.purseblog.com/marc-jacobs/post-mj-sale-sightings-here-53535-116.html#post2948462
  2. I love the Karen bag, it's a beautiful style. Congrats!
  3. I think the Karen in cinnamon is gorgeous!! If you decide to keep her will you please post pics? :smile:
  4. i really like the karen, python is not my favorite- but if its's yours don't let some little custom prpoblems stand in your way! good luck and congrats.
  5. hi,

    this is my first reply.

    i came across your post cuz i was searching mark jacobs. the bag you bought is very nice bag, but i wouldn't personally buy bags/shoes or other items made out of exotic leather. its not a necessity to have a python bag. these creatures are there for a reason and its surely not to become a bag. its like buying fur coats in my opinion.
  6. Wonder if you decide to keep it? And will you ost some pics here if you did?
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