MJ Ivory stam just arrived...

  1. so my ivory stam just came!! it looks even bigger in a light color...took me 30 seconds to figure out how to open the kisslock closure at the top =P

    inside its a tan or ivory linen lining...i thought they were supposed to be suede?




    what do you girls think? i had wanted the patent leather chalk or blush so badly but those seem impossible to get now and the ivory is definitely something that can match a lot...feedback appreciated :smile:
  2. I think it looks FABuLouS on you!! Very beautiful!!!


  3. Congrats on your new bag. I agree, the Stam does look larger in the lighter colors. In regards to the lining, the lining on the Fall 06 Stams is cream canvas. Some of the Spring 06 Stams had blue suede linings. The Fall 05 bags had burgundy suede linings.

    I personally prefer the patent Chalk to both the Ivory and the Blush. If you aren't happy with the Ivory, you might want to think about the upcoming Fall colors as alternatives. Whatever you decide, you should definitely love the bag; it's never a good idea to settle, especially at these prices.
  4. Congrats, you look fabulous!
    Marc Jacobs switched most (or all? My Nutmeg Blake with Gold Hardware has Suede lining) of his recent bags to cream canvas lining, don't know if suede lining will be back in the future. I haven't seen Ivory Stam in person. I had a hard time deciding Bowler in Chalk and Ivory (placed them side by side) b/c they are both nice to me -- I went with Chalk. The biggest concern people have with leather bags in light colors like Ivory is 'high-maintenance' factor (easy to get dirty). With Chalk (Patent Leather), it's a little bit better b/c dirt/stain can be wiped off easily (extra coating on the leather?). With Patent Leather, some say the light colors will change over time though -- take a while for that to happen.
  5. Oooooh, you are one lucky gal. Very pretty and it looks stunning on you. Congrats on such a great purchase.
  6. yes you both brought up very good points...so many ppl seemed to have thought the ivory was a bit blah and i saw a patent leather one in blush i think on a lady at Barneys and it looked sooo neat cos of the pinkish undertone...

    if i knew i could get a patent chalk or blush id snap it right away but the ivory does match with a lot and i have leather cleaner from coach which i used on my marni white bag and it easily cleaned any light marks or dirt etc...decisions decisions

    i wanted a light color and none of the fall ones suited me (chestnut, black, cashew and mousse)
  7. True that most people find Ivory so-so, but I like it (in Bowler at least). Ivory gives the bag a more casual look, Chalk dresses it up. =) I wouldn't mind having both if there's no cap on my spending on purses. =) I'm not as concerned as before about bags in light colors after finding a good professional bag cleaner.

    Give it some more time & thought. If you still want Patent Leather Stam, there's still hope. It pops up on Eluxury/Bluebeeonline/Ebay sometimes, we will post the info here if we come across any.

    I personally prefer bags in light colors. Agree with you about the colors of new MJ bags - I don't love them!
  8. yah chalk and blush just seemed to have an extra sparkle or maybe its the shininess of the leather too...

    yah i was so let down cos i thought bluebee had a few but they just didnt update their site =P

    Ebay its so hard to tell which are fakes though cos almost all of them are selling at below retail which is hard to believe its authentic seeing how the bag is so hot still...

    ivory is very casual and im pretty sure i wont get tired of it--since i bought it at Nordies i have soemtime to dwell on it and see if a patent one comes my way :smile:
  9. Congrats - I think it's gorgeous on you!
  10. Congrats! It looks great paired with black like that. =)
  11. I personally love the ivory! I saw it in person and was so close to buying it! Just be careful of denim rub-off - it can be bad on white untreated (non patent) leather.