MJ in San Francisco....

  1. My mom travels to SF almost weekly, so I asked her if she would be going the week of my birthday and she said she was going to be there on my birthday and the day after. So....I decided to tag along with her and do some shopping while she is working. Which stores have the best selection of MJ in the city? I know there are lots of stores that carry MJ. I have been in most of the big dept. stores, but never in the MJ boutique. Just curious if all the MJ pros have a favorite in SF. I am so looking forward to almost 2 days of shopping with no kids, husband, etc. All alone. Yay!!!
  2. My family is up in SF so when I visit I always go to the MJ dept in the new Bloomingdales. Also there is a boutique I think off Grant/Stockton downtown. Have fun!!
  3. the mj boutique in sf is pretty nice. it's not as big as the one in nyc, but their bag selection is pretty good. they had a couple of hudsons the last time i was there. it's off of union square where Saks and neiman's is located, so after you hit up mj, you can go over to the department stores to see what they have in stock. have fun! i love sf.
  4. good thing about sf is that everything is close by :tup:.. just go to union square and hit up the mj boutique, Saks, Neimans, and just a couple blocks away is nordtrom and bloomingdales.. have fun!

    the mj boutique is on maiden lane btw.. its a small street so you might want to ask where it is once youre in union square
  5. Ditto on what all the girls already said. Don't forget about Marc by Marc though on Fillmore. :tup: Have a great time...enjoy SF!!!
  6. ^^ forgot to add, Barneys just opened in SF last year! so hit up barneys too! its on your way from union square to Nordies/bloomies. hope you have fun!! :wlae:
  7. rorosity - PMed you - Have fun with all that eye candy!! Downtown SF is so fun!
  8. Thanks, ladies. I am so looking forward to going and overdosing on MJ eye-candy. I love that everything is within walking distance from one another. One of the downfalls of living in L.A. is that everything is so far away and you have to make a major trek to get to the different stores.

    I completely forgot that Barney's is there, too. I am going to have a lot to see. I am completely confident that I will fall in love with lots of beautiful bags. It's going to be difficult to choose which one to bring home. Hopefully, the new stuff will be in the stores by then. I am very curious to see all the bright stams and the new patent leather.

    When I walked in the door tonight, my husband asked if it was ok if he went to the UCLA basketball game this Saturday night. Without blinking an eye, I said, "Sure, go ahead." He looked at me dumbfounded and asked if I was on drugs! Ha ha...that's when I let him know I'd be going to SF for 2 days, beginning with my birthday and he is in charge of 3 kids and 3 dogs while I am gone. After I told him, he said he should have asked for a lot more! :p
  9. Wow! Sounds like fun, have a great time and buy lots of goodies!! I am jealous!! I have to just look at MJ on the computer, nothing near me!!:crybaby:
  10. I haven't gone to the MJ store in SF yet. Every time I go to downtown SF, someone keeps me from going. I guess my friends are looking out for my wallet. :p
  11. dont know how much this is going to help, but i made a mini MJ map of union square, san francisco


    Red - Saks Fifth Avenue
    Dark Blue - Neiman Marcus
    Light Blue - Macys ( i believe macys SF carries MJ or at least MbMJ)
    Purple - Barney's New York
    Green - Bloomingdales/ Nordstrom (they're in the same building)

    Red Star - MJ Boutique on Maiden Lane

    Hope you have fun!! :tup:
  12. ^ Thanks!! I'll use that next time I visit my brother. :p
  13. Great map!
  14. Oooohhhh, thanks! I will be there in March! I didn't know that Barney's and Bloomies are there now!:yahoo:
  15. Wow!! - You did great on this! - perfect! -- At the Macy's they do have a big selection of MbyMJ, but I have yet to see any collection bags at Macy's. Anyone else see them?