MJ Hudson

  1. Does anybody have this bag? If so, I am sooooooooo jealous!! I saw it in person today for the first time, and it's amazing. It's so soft and shiny and such a perfect size. The SA was laughing at me because I must have picked it up and tried it on then put it back about 6 times. I think I wore off some of the shiny-ness from petting it so much.


  2. Oooooooh.....they are so purdy. I LOVE the Chili and the dark brown is fab, too.

    You shouldn't have posted those ebay auctions (ok fine, you should have, I love pretending they are MINE)...the evil BIN button is tempting me...

    "Buy me now...just click this little button....do it...do it...dooooooooooo itttttttttttt".
  3. LOL. =) If you do decide to get Hudson, Marc Jacobs boutiques sell all-teal-leather-interior version. Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus carry the version with leather+canvas interior.

    Glimmer's version came from MJ boutique, BagHound got hers from Nordies.

  4. This is a great bag.
  5. Everytime I see this bag, I want it more and more. Love the brown.
  6. I saw it in Harvey Nichol's a few weeks ago. I love it! Siiigh.
  7. I have it in the CHili color....I saw it in the other colors too but wasnt as fond of it......Liked the Chili and the dark brown best IRL..