MJ hobo - has anyone seen IRL?

  1. ^ That's SOFT CALF CLASSIC Hobo from S/S 2006.
    I saw it in stores, I just don't like hobos for myself. Some members have this Hobo & Large Hobo, they love theirs. I'll let them update this thread with their feedbacks.
  2. why don't you like hobos, baglover? just curious.;)
  3. I saw the putty hobo IRL and absolutely loved it. Actually not sure if LOVE was for the putty or for the TDF smoky blue suede interior - but it was such a pretty combo! If I needed a bag in that color family I would have bought one! I'm tall and still preferred the smaller size - the large seemed too big to me, but to each her own!
  4. They look casual and sometimes too slouchy for me, I prefer bags that are lady-like (I don't know how to explain it). I personally dislike Hobo & Messenger bags. =)
  5. baglover - I see. Makes sense!

    blugenie - I just pulled up a pick of the putty with blue lining and totally agree with you. It's a great color combo!
  6. I have this hobo in the same Butter color vagabag and I love it! Bag.lover is right - it is a slouchy, more casual bag. It works for me though. :smile: Let us know if you end up getting it.
  7. I will for sure. Thanks!
  8. This hobo is very cute, I really like the details; I might get tempted & get converted. Plus, butter is a lovely color. =)

    My local stores had the Large Hobo - huge! I prefer the regular size.