MJ High-Top Moc's: Yay or Nay?

  1. Should I order them or not? I think I'd wear them but my sister told me they're hideous.

  2. the style is not me, Id have to say nay. just my opinion.
  3. If worn a cetain way they could be cute...definitely w/long pants/jeans...never anything too straght legged or cropped. Kind of a limited style though...money probably better spent on something that works more easily. But they are not hideous..Michael Kors did a similar style a couple of seasons back.
  4. nay
  5. Nay for me- not a fan of the look
  6. I agree with your sister. lol nay for me.
  7. I keep hearing people talking about how great these are.. and I LOVE MJ shoes.. but not these ones. I would say nay.
  8. I agree. They could work. And they look comfy.
  9. Thanks guys...I think I'm gonna get them. I would just be wearing them with jeans and a relaxed vibe.