MJ Hardware

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  1. Not sure if I've put this out there before... Anyways, I was told by a SA from MJ that he is no longer using silver hardware--all gold now. So if you're a silver person--something to keep in mind.... Might need to search for the "older" styles.
  2. I've been told that the new spring bags are utilizing the "brushed gold" hardware, but I'm still seeing bags both in stores and online with silver hardware. Personally, I prefer the gold, so I'm happy with the new hardware.
  3. The hardware for spring is a shiny champagne gold. It is not as yellow as the gold for the resort collection. I've found that MJ switches hardware frequently, sometimes from season to season and sometimes after a couple of seasons. I'm betting he goes back to the nickel hardware at some point--possibly even fall. I'm a silver person, so I can't wait for some new designs with nickel hardware.
  4. i think gold hardware is a trend, silver is much more classic, he'll go back.
  5. Thanks for the description about the Spring hardware! It sounds nice. I just got a taupe Stam, but I'm not so sure about he brassy hardware. I might take the plunge and get the cola Stam instead with the warm gold hardware!
  6. You are right, valerieb. I just got my new patent stam and the gold is not as bright as the resort black. It's softer; different. But oooo mama, what a nice bag. I'll post pics sometime today after the sun comes up! :amuse:
  7. I'm glad I got my black Blake with the silver tone hardware. I'm not a yellow gold fan.
  8. pictures? i want to see the light gold! :[)