MJ Guinevere in Black on Sale in Elux!

  1. Hi, this is in my cart now, and I've practiced releasing it and immediately clicking it back into my cart. Based on the experience of the brown tote that I just wrote in another thread, if I release this, someone may pick it up and put it in their cart.

    I've finally decided not to get it, and I want a PF member to be the one to pick up this deal... It's 599, down from 995.

    So if you want, when you are ready at the website to click on "sale" and "new arrivals", let me know and I will take it out of my cart.
  2. that is a good deal.
  3. Sorry left out the pic.
    MJ Guinevere.jpg
  4. No wonder Katie Holmes was wearing it this week, Tom bought it on sale for her!
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol: lol
  6. Hehehe. :P I wonder did any PF lady get it?? Apart from Katie that is.
  7. minicoop, I put it in my shopping cart ;) ,but I'm not gonna say if I completed the deal :lol: .I usually prefer my bags with zippers.