mj green colors

  1. hi all.

    i'm thinking of getting a jade color from turnlock series, but wondering if it is the right shade i'm looking for.

    how does jade color from the turnlock series compare to the classic calfskin spearmint? Does jade look like classic calfskin seafoam color or closer in shade to spearmint? How about spearmint vs. wintergreen? Wintergreen seems to be the darker shade of all three while jade is the lightest? i've seen pics of these colors but jade color seems to be inconsistent (some pics seem dark like spearmint whereas some pics make jade look really lighter).

    Thanks ladies for your help! :shame:

  2. I think jade is true to color... A medium shade green from what I remember. Wintergreen is a lighter teal color, and Spearmint seems to be the darkest of the 3.

    In order of lightest to darkest, I'd say wintergreen > jade > spearmint.
    Out of color preference, I'd wouldn't be able to decide, I like all three!
  3. Jade is a really pretty color. Like emerald. I thought that the jade was the darker of greens compared to spearmint. Although I only saw the Jade briefly at the store and I have a spearmint MP. I love the spearmint color better than Jade, not sure if it b/c I own something in spearmint though. It just pops!
  4. I've seen Jade IRL in the turnlock series. I agree with thithi that is a middle of the road shade of green. It's not dark or light.

    It's definitely no where close to Seafoam since I have a Venetia in that color. I also have a Spearmint Sophia but I don't think it can compare to the Jade color either. The spearmint leans more toward a teal to me. Jade is more of a muted, medium green. Here's an Ebay auction with a Jade Katie that I think represents the color correctly.

    eBay: NEW $850 MARC JACOBS KATIE BAG TURNLOCK Jade Handbag (item 280042019108 end time Nov-04-06 11:07:46 PST)

    Hope this helps!;)
  5. ^Yes that looks accurate to me too!

    Seafoam is a pale green color IMO, more like white with a hint of green. It's definitely lighter than the other three.
  6. THANK YOU ladies as always for your help and for being my extra pair of eyes!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: Good shopping karma to you all.

    Your input is so very valuable coz i never get to see any of these colors IRL. and all this time i always thought wintergreen was the darker shade than spearmint. :smile:

    Guess i am going to think twice about getting jade...i was hoping it would be almost spearmint-like rather than muted green.
  7. ^ You should also keep in mind that the same color doesn't look alike under different lines (often don't use the same leather). I personally like colors from Soft Calf Classic way more than Turnlock. Among the colors you mentioned, Spearmint and Seafoam are quite nice. This is coming from a person who doesn't like green. =)