MJ Gold hardware issue

  1. I had to return the stam that I found on sale (coated canvas with snake trim), due to issues with the hardware. The gold plating on the rings on the front of the bag was peeling off. I tried to take a picture, but the defect was not showing up well. When I showed it to the SA at Saks, they said that it was definitely a defect and they had not seen anything like it before. I do believe that the bag was authentic, it had the riri zipper and canvas lining. Well, then I started looking at my banana hobo that I bought last year. The gold plating is starting to wear off on some of the studs (not peeling off, just kinda worn off). A couple of the studs now look silver instead of gold. The banana hobo is my everyday bag, so it does get used quite often and I don't baby it, so I'm pretty sure it is just wear and tear. I was just wondering how your gold hardware was holding up on your MJs (is it still gold or is the gold starting to wear off).

  2. I see some gold wearing off on my ZCs, but not so much my bags. I use them somewhat often buy switch our frequently as well. As for the peeling, that is a unheard of to me, although I've seen and heard of others with antique hardware that peeled and chipped.
  3. some of the gold on the zipperpulls of my hudson has rubbed off due to constant use. mainly near where the zipper head is attached to the zipper itself. its barely noticeable though.
  4. Some of the gold has worn off on my ZC - but again, I think that is just b/c I used it every day and don't exactly baby it like I did when I first got it. I agree with tuff cookie that it's barely noticeable though. I only notice it bc it's mine and I examine my bags so closely!
  5. i have a dove stam with gold hardware and havent had any issues but its still quite new.
  6. Thanks for the info everyone. I still like MJ, but I do miss the silver hardware. On my banana hobo, I kinda wish all of the hardware would turn silver....
  7. I actually noticed a small chip on the kisslock of my new Mina bag right where they rub together where you open & close it. It's not very large (maybe a mm or 2 at the most) but it makes me wonder if it will continue to chip the more I open & close the bag. Has anyone else had a problem with their kisslocks (on either a Stam, Baby Stam, Mina, etc)??

    Other than that, I've never had a problem with the gold hardware rubbing and/or peeling off - tarnishing yes, esp w/the brass hardware, but never rubbing off
  8. Is there anything you should do to care for the brass, or just let it tarnish?:confused1: