MJ Gold bag - info needed

  1. I think it's a M by MJ softy bag. I love the metallic color! :drool:

    jun3 and GUNG will probably have more info for you, they're the M by MJ pros around here!
  2. cool! i'd love to know how much they retail for. Unfortunately this eBay seller doesnt send internationally (WHY?!!!)

  3. I don't know about this bag, but I have a mbmj gold aline that's going back to nordie's this week. I got it for Xmas and have used it a total of six times. I was shocked a couple of day ago when I noticed that the gold is actually coming off, in major streaks all over the bag! It's as if it was spray painted. I didn't expect this from a bag that retails for almost $500. :wtf:
  4. I actually have this bag. It is the M by MJ softy tote that is in the same line as the softy faridahs most seasons. I really like the leather. It's thick, but still very smooshy. It's a great everyday tote bag. Looks like it's in good condition, too. I haven't had any issues with the metallic coloring rubbing off, but I'm pretty sure the softy tote is made of a different type of metallic leather than the softy aline metallic bags that were out just this past season. The softy tote is more a matte metallic.

    The bags retailed for $428, and went on sale for around $300 at the first markdowns. It's probably about two years old, maybe three. If the auction stays reasonable, I think it's a good deal.
  5. a marc jacobs dustcover for a marc by marc jacobs bag?
  6. does that mean its a fake then?
  7. ^^^ I don't think so. Some of the earlier MbyMJ bags have both Marc Jacobs sleeper bags and Marc Jacobs on the hardware, not the full Marc by Marc Jacobs that they have now. My softy tote like the one listed has a Marc Jacobs sleeper bag.
  8. oh no! not at all. that bag def. looks authentic. i was just suprised that it came with a mj sleeper rather than a mbmj sleeper. :flowers:
  9. oh cool! I wonder if i buy it (cause i dont have a gold bag) i could get it sent to an american friend who could send it to me ... what is wrong with me?!! I seriously DO NOT have the money to spend on these bags. But then i see them on eBay and thing - 'oh i wont ever find it again' .... i need some help!:nuts:
  10. Hi, I just found this thread regarding the http://cgi.ebay.com/USED-MARC-JACOBS...QQcmdZViewItem auction. I myself just purchsed the exact same bag from eBay, and also had bid on this auction you posted. I love this bag and found out it's from 2006, and was sold by Neiman's for $498.00 retail..and eventually went on sale..HOWEVER, I am nervous because I just got MY bag and I checked the zippers on it and they are BLANK..no lampo and no riri..can anybody who has this BAG and KNOWS for sure 100% it's authentic check their bag and THEIR zippers..because I spent over 200 bucks and I'm flipping out. Thank you so much!
  11. MbMJ bags don`t use RIRI or Lampo zippers, so don`t worry if you don`t see them on the bag. They use regular zippers without any sort of stamping on it.

    If the eBay link you provided is the one you bought, it`s authentic!!
  12. the zippers on my mbmj bags are blank too. i believe that only the collection bags are riri or lampo.
  13. Only MJ collection bags use Riri and Lampo zippers. That bag is a MbMJ bag (from the cheaper line) which uses YKK. Hopefully now you can relax and enjoy your new purchase. :yes: If you have any additional authenticity questions please post them in the Authenticate This Marc Jacobs thread.
  14. Hi, Thank you ladies! But I'm still a little shaky..lol.....

    First..Telicious..unfortunately the link I provided was a link I bid on, the one that the poster of this thread had posted, that is why it got my attention because it's the one I "wanted to win"...I decided in my "infinate" wisdom..uh ohh..lol..to just go ahead and bid on a BUY IT NOW for 200.00 eek..from a seller who looked legit, had another Balenciaga purse, older as well, and that's it. I figured ok, she has older bags. BUT the auction I bid on had just one pic from the front. it looked like the one from the auction I posted. It actually had the tags in one of the pockets..it was a black tag..but not MbMJ..it was just marc jacobs...says on the back with a ski style M361077 color 30257 Bronze ( which it's pretty much gold ) and the sku and suggeseted retail 428.00...no Neiman Marcus tags, but I was told it was purchased there. It's an older bag/2002

    TadpoleNYC..thank you soooooooo much for checking your MJ bag..that makes me feel comforted..but are your ZIPPERS backside blank..and like have a sorta line down the center, instead of the riri or lampo? Mine ARE!!! Melly says that it's YKK , but I don't see any YKK on mine...

    Melly, thank you so much for your expertise, I appreciate it greatly,but now I have a new query, shouldn't it say YKK if it's ykk?....You said: That bag is a MbMJ bag (from the cheaper line) which uses YKK...
    and I have the tag inside and it says MARC JACOBS..not MbMJ...and it's a BLACK TAG..not a white one.. ...I"M NEW AT ALL THIS MJ STUFF..so I'm not sure what color tag is what..so hopefully you can educate me and settle my nerves..and give me some much needed info on this gold purse situation! Thanks so much! P.S. My purse looks exactly like the one listed in the auction thread this post was regarding prior...I just want to make sure, the zipper thing was irking me because everywhere I looked I saw.."Check the zipper"..lol..Thanks you're the best!