MJ for mom...?

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  1. Sooo, Christmas is coming and it's time to think about gifts for others (a little switch from buying bags for myself all year!!:biggrin:) Anyway, I took my mom to the opera last night for part of her Christmas present and lent her my MJ Kirsten to carry for the evening. She was loving the leather quality and the style. So now I'm thinking I'd like to get her an MJ bag for Christmas. My questions to you are:
    1) What MJ bags do you think are good for mom/what would you get for your mom?
    2) What MJ bags have you bought for your mom in the past?
    3) Do you think MJ bags are just too "young" for certain generations? (my mom is about 60...)
    TIA everyone!
  2. It's true that some MJ styles are more suitable for younger people, but there are many classy styles that would work for all ages. My only concern is the weigh of the bag, certain ones might be too heavy for them. The nice thing about getting bags for moms with grown up kids is that hand-held bags are not excluded. =)

    I bought my sister (almost 50) a quilted Venetia (in Bordeaux) for her birthday several months ago. She thought it was big at first, she has now accepted her belated gift. My task's accomplished, I see more MJs for her in the future. =)
  3. I think the venetia is great for a woman her age. I've also seen quite a few women her age with the stam in mouse or taupe. But I think a venetia in black is more appropriate.
  4. Well my mom absolutley loves the Stam bag in black, so ive bought her that for Christmas. My moms 42 by the way.

    It totally depends on what sort of style your moms into :smile:
  5. I think any of the classic styles would work well. Which one you get would depend on her style and what types and sizes of bags she likes. My mom (she's 57) loves the Venetia and the Blake.
  6. my mom always borrows my multi pocket. (she's 42 also)
  7. wow, you guys are such nice kids! i would love to be able to get my mom a MJ bag....maybe someday!
  8. My mom tried on the blake at Saks and thought it was way too heavy, I ended up getting her a Cammie on ebay that was brand new and she loved it! She likes smaller bags that are easy to organize.
  9. Thanks everyone! I was really leaning toward the Venetia for my mom but then after some subtle (at least I hope it was subtle!!) questioning, my mom admitted that she really likes/needs a bag that can fit over her shoulder. So I then thought of Sophia - but do you all think that is too young a style for a 60 year old?? (my mom has a classic and tailored look) And the Blake - does that style fit comfortably over the shoulder or is it a bit tight? I also was thinking of the Cammie, but I think it is too small for her... So hard to decide - maybe I should just let her keep my Kirsten. She seems to like that one! :shrugs:
  10. The Blake fits comfortably on the shoulder. I don't think the Sophia is too young at all! I think it's ageless. The Sophia is a bit smaller and lighter than the Blake. What size bag does she like?
  11. I agree, the Sophia may be a bit young for a mother.... The blake is a good classic style I think. I also think the quilted styles, especially the totes, are nice because it has a classic look to it. My mother loved my black quilted hobo and permanently borrowed it from me last time I visited her.
  12. The quilted drawstring hobo seems great for young and old. It's pretty classic and very cute.
  13. My mom loves my stella... but i need to get a few uses out of it before i let her borrow it... ;)
  14. I have a quick Mom / MJ story for ya .. I was just visiting mine in Montreal recently, she's not into anything designer at all. To her a name brand is a Nike sneaker, seriously, and always of the philosophy of why spend more than you have to. Anyway I wanted to get her something nice my budget wasn't quite up to the MJ bags but I wanted her to check them out anyway for future reference .. she's 82 as of yesterday by the way .. I wish I could know the name of the bag I had her try on at Ogilvys but it was a black leather MJ bag, she could put it on her shoulder, had multiple pockets, and gold hardware, koala type claps and not quilted. It was about $950 Canadian .. she definately got in touch with why an expensive handbag was all that, and more, and why I thought she should check out Marc Jacobs. She started joking that she'd be willing to go back to work to get it lol .. I got her a very cool Etro scarf later but definitely want to get her a Marc Jacobs bag as soon as I have the budget -- Mother's Day may be my target :smile:

    If your Mom's 60 there definately are styles that will be appropriate, I think that Marc Jacobs is a designer that has been able to span the age ranges of appeal extremely well with his line of bags more so than some of the others - so many potentially classic and practical styles and materials as well as the more flamboyant colours and treatments for younger and contemporary tastes.

    My Mom still talks about the bag on the phone when I call her, no question I want to be able to please her with one when I can do it. Good choice!
  15. Hmm.. Sounds like it could be the Multipocket style? That's the only one that comes to mind that is in that price range. Did it have a rolled single strap? I think the MP is an ageless bag, great for anybody. Glad to hear that your mom likes MJ!